NFL Midseason Betting Predictions

Posted by Peter Boysen on October 31, 2016 in

Now that we’re through Week 8 in the NFL’s regular season, we’ve learned a lot about the 32 teams in the league and where things will likely stack up for the postseason. There are some surprises — who thought the Patriots would go 3-1 during Tom Brady’s four-game DeflateGate suspension? Who thought the Cowboys would lose Tony Romo in the preseason but then get out to a 6-1 start anyway? Who thought the Cincinnati Bengals would play pathetic ball after winning the AFC North last season? Now that we’re turning the pole and the season’s halfway mark, though, here are some NFL betting predictions that we feel confident in recommending to you.

NFL Midseason Betting Predictions

The Houston Texans will win the division with an 8-8 record once again.

The Texans sit at 5-3 right now, with five home wins and three road losses. With road games in the second half of the season in Oakland and Green Bay (as well as all three of their divisional road games), and with home games against San Diego and Cincinnati, getting to 8-8 will form enough of a challenge. Free agent quarterback Brock Osweiler has struggled to show dominance on offense, as the team has ridden their defense when they have won. However, Indianapolis remains such an enigma when it comes to putting together 60 minutes of solid football that they won’t contend. Jacksonville and Tennessee still have too much growing to do before they can slide to a division title.

Tony Romo will not play for the Dallas Cowboys again this season.

On the first Sunday of the regular season, Dallas fell by a single point to the New York Giants, 20-19. At the time, critics praised the play of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, who looked poised despite the loss. The key knock on him was an inability to finish in the red zone. Seven weeks later, the Cowboys sit at 6-1, and they beat the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime this past Sunday. They took the ball at the beginning of the extra frame and marched down the field. They faced a fourth-and-one from the Philadelphia 28, and many thought they would kick a field goal. However, Prescott converted on a sneak, and then he found Jason Witten in the end zone a couple of plays later to seal the win, answering questions about his red zone performance. Even when Tony Romo’s back is healed, the Cowboys are extremely unlikely to tinker with team chemistry and are likely to urge Romo to ensure that his back is 100% by resting as long as possible…as long as Prescott continues to show poise. Given that Prescott has won at Lambeau Field in convincing fashion, he has the confidence that an NFL signal-caller needs, and he has a terrific offensive line blocking for him.

The Patriots will go 15-1 in the regular season.

They have Seattle at home in two weeks, after the bye. Then they take on the Broncos in Denver. Other than that, they have a 49ers team in disarray, a Jets team that has two bad quarterbacks, a Rams team that seems bent on starting Case Keenum no matter how badly he plays, a Baltimore team that struggles to move the ball, and a road game in Miami to finish things off. If they get through Seattle — the only defense that has what it takes to stop Tom Brady the rest of the way — then they will cruise through their schedule once again.