2018 Wimbledon Men’s Quarterfinals Betting Predictions.

2018 Wimbledon Men’s Quarterfinals Betting Predictions

Written by on July 10, 2018

The men’s side of the 2018 Wimbledon draw has been much more chalky, providing names like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and 5 other seeded players. Everyone left is a very talented player and the outcomes will very much depend on matchup and style from here on out.

2018 Wimbledon Men’s Quarterfinals Betting Predictions

Roger Federer (-1400) vs Kevin Anderson (+950)

Federer is rolling into the Wimbledon quarters as it seems he always does. Federer is the best ATP grass tennis player of all time and the odds reflect that. They also reflect that Federer has never lost a set to Kevin Anderson and none of those sets were played on grass.Anderson will rely on his serve in this match but he will be no challenge to Federer, who should continue to roll. Federer in straight sets and by the spread are two other bets I do like if you are looking for better odds.

Milos Raonic (-150) vs John Isner (+130)

Raonic and Isner are VERY similar players. Both are very long and use this advantage to pump out some of the hardest serves in tennis. Both are very large human beings, which does tend to hurt them in open play more than other guys at this elite level. They typically win all of their service games and hope to break once throughout the set. If they cannot, they are generally okay with going to a tiebreak, where their serve carries them to the win there as well. This simply comes down to who can break who.Isner has never been broken by Raonic, which is rather notable over 4 different matches. Isner has looked much better this tournament in the return than Raonic, in my opinion. Raonic has been a little more inconsistent in his serves, which gives Isner a slight break by maybe getting a few double faults while trying to break. Isner has been more aggressive and is making more shots as well. I think virtually all signs point to Isner in this one and at plus money? I’ll take it.

Novak Djokovic (-550) vs Kei Nishikori (+400)

Djokovic seems to be returning to really good form and this is a great matchup for him in this one. Nishikori and Djokovic have matched up 16 times where Djokovic holds a 14-2 advantage. He has also won 13 straight and lost only 4 sets in those 13 matches.Novak Djokovic is one of the 2018 Wimbledon Betting favorites to win it all.I have heard theories that Djokovic may know that he isn’t as healthy as he used to be, so he is coming out with more of a killer instinct this time around. He has been known to kind of mope through these early round, but not this year. I like Djokovic big and a prop on a 3-0 looks tasty here.

Juan Martin Del Potro (+235) vs Rafael Nadal (-265)

This is an interesting 2018 Wimbledon matchup for both guys here. Del Potro has been rather impressive most of the tournament while I think Nadal hasn’t looked particularly great. Now, Nadal’s results suggest otherwise, but he has faced NO ONE, especially compared to someone like Del Potro. That being said, Nadal had not played on grass until this tournament and the more he plays the better he will be.The head-to-head looks about what you would expect. Del Potro (5 wins) is really good, but Nadal (10 wins) is better. I don’t love aside here, but I really DON’T like Nadal with the odds. My favorite play here is the over on 3.5 sets, as I expect this to be a close on throughout.