NBA Betting: Players Rumors, Coaches on Hot Seat & More Apr. 13 Edition

Now that the NBA trade deadline has passed, the buyout market has basically dried up, and there are only 20 games left in the season, the NBA rumor mill has been fairly quiet. Contending teams are now making their final pushes for playoff positions, while the others are playing for more ping pong balls in […]

NBA Betting: Must Bet 2021 Games in Week 17

With less than 20 games left on the NBA schedule, teams are gearing up for a playoff run. With the expanded playoffs, more teams are in the playoff hunt. While a majority of the league still has a shot at the postseason, there are a few teams that are only playing for a better spot […]

NBA Betting: 2021 Power Rankings March 30th Edition

Now that the trade deadline has passed, and the major buyouts have already decided on their new destinations, teams are now prepped and ready for their playoff runs. The buyout market seemed to be a prime place for the contenders to improve themselves. As we enter week 15 of the NBA season, we’re going to […]

NBA Betting: Must Bet 2021 Games in Week 15

Now that the NBA Trade deadline has passed, we know the makeup of the teams in the NBA. Other than some buyouts, the teams are pretty much set. We’ll see going forward what teams will get hot and make a charge for the playoffs, and which ones will be playing for a better spot in […]

NBA Betting: 2021 Eastern Conference Power Rankings Update

When looking at the Eastern Conference standings, this is a conference that has four or five teams that are above and beyond the rest of the conference. Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Miami, and Atlanta are the frontrunners in the conference, and these are the teams that are head and shoulders above the rest of the East. […]

NBA Betting: Must Bet 2021 Games in Week 14

With the trade deadline looming, we’re seeing teams decide whether or not they’re contenders or pretenders. Some teams will decide that a playoff run is not in the cards for this season, while others will be trying to improve their team for the playoffs. With that being said, we’ll see whether or not teams are […]

NBA Betting: Top Regular Season Players Analysis

There have been some incredible performances throughout this NBA season. Every night, several players are stepping up to show out and prove to the rest of the teams that they are the cream of the crop. Let’s talk about some of the players making noise right now so you can keep betting against their NBA […]

NBA Betting: Must Bet 2021 Games in Week 13

Now that the NBA All Star Break has come and gone, and we’re over halfway through the season, the playoff push is on. We’re nearing the trade deadline, so we’ll see what teams think that they can make a run at the title, and which ones will be dumping salaries and starting to play for […]

NBA Betting: 2021 Season Major Upsets So Far

Now that we’re at the NBA All Star Break, it’s time to take a look back at the first half of the season. While there have been many pleasant surprises throughout the first half of the season, there have also been some disappointments as well. Some teams have overachieved, while others aren’t performing up to […]

NBA Betting: Must Bet 2021 Games in Week 12

As we’re currently sitting at the NBA All Star Break, it’s time for the league to sit back and relax for a few days. After the All Star Weekend, the league will return to action on Wednesday, March 10, with a limited slate of games. On Thursday, the league will get back to normal business, […]