NFL Betting: New England Patriots Defense Analysis

The New England Patriots struggled in 2020, a rarity for a franchise that has won six Super Bowls since 2001. The Patriots finished the season with a 7-9 record, and many attributes that to their changes at the quarterback position. You know the story – Tom Brady left New England and won a Super Bowl […]

NFL Betting: 2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year Predictions

MyBookie has you covered with the latest Offensive Rookie of the Year betting odds. Even with the NFL season a few months away, it’s never too early to lock in your future bets for season awards. NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Betting Favorites The Betting Favorites Rookie of the Year is traditionally won by […]

NFL Betting: Which Teams Have the Best Odds to End Their Dry Super Bowl Period

Twelve NFL franchises have never lifted the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. Over one-third of the league has never won a Super Bowl in the 55 years since the first one. As we approach the 2021 season, which NFL teams have the best NFL odds to end their Super Bowl drought? There […]

NFL Betting: 2021 AFC Divisional Odds Favorites

It’s now less than three months until the start of the NFL regular season. As we wait for the 2021 season, it’s never too early to consider betting on NFL futures. Today, we’ll take a look at the divisional favorites in the AFC, their  AFC odds, and which teams to bet on, and which to […]

NFL Betting: Detroit Lions Calendar Odds & Analysis

Every season in the NFL, a dark horse team emerges to make a run that nobody sees coming. It is always fun to try and identify those teams before the season begins, as it can be a profitable venture for those who love to wager on sports. It is perhaps still too early to start […]

NFL Betting: Predictions for Super Bowl 56 Possible Matches

Even though the opening night of the NFL season is still three months away, the sports world is still always eager to talk about football. At this time of the year, every team thinks that they’re a Super Bowl contender. While the underdogs still think they have a chance, there are only a few teams […]

NFL Betting: 2021 New England Patriots Calendar Odds

For the New England Patriots, 2020 was a strange season. Not only did the Pats play without Tom Brady as their quarterback for the first time since 2000, they didn’t win more than 7 games and missed the playoffs. Owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick are determined to get back to the NFL Playoffs […]

NFL Betting: 2021 W/L Predictions for All the Teams

Now that the NFL Draft has taken place, free agency is over, and the 2021 schedule has been released, it’s time to make predictions for the upcoming season. For the first time in NFL history, we’ll see a 17-game regular season. Let’s take a look at our predictions for every team’s record this season, and […]

NFL Betting: Biggest NFC Rivalry Games for the 2021-22 Season

With the 2021 NFL schedule being released last week, everyone is circling the biggest games on their calendar. The NFC is full of heated rivalries. With some of the oldest teams in the league residing in the NFC, many of these rivalries have gone on for decades. Let’s take a look at some of 2021’s […]

NFL Betting: 2021 Draft Rankings Analysis

Whether or not people want to believe it, the National Football League is the king of the professional sports world. More people follow the NFL than any other sport. With that being said, one of the major events for the NFL each year is the NFL Draft. More and more time and analysis is being […]