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NCAAF Betting: Alabama Vs Tennessee Betting Analysis

The Alabama Crimson Tide will be in Knoxville, Tenn., on Saturday to meet the Tennessee Volunteers in Neyland Stadium in an SEC battle. The Crimson Tide is 4-0 and playing at a high level. That said, let’s have a look at both teams and how they each arrive to this matchup so you can make […]

NCAAF Betting: Top 25 Winners & Losers Oct. 22nd Edition

In Week 7 of the college football season, we saw the top two teams in the country reassure everyone that they are indeed at the top of the mountain. Clemson dominated Georgia Tech, and Alabama beat what many considered to be the second-best team in the SEC, Georgia, without much of a fight. We also […]

NCAAF Betting: 2020 Season Week 8 Odds & Picks

In what has already been a crazy season, Week 8 is sure to see even more surprises. With the Big Ten returning to action, four of the five Power 5 Conferences will be in action. Let’s take a look at some of this week’s top games, and we’ll give you our predictions against the spread […]

2020 NCAAF Betting: ATS Picks for Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the college football season! This week, college football will welcome the return of the Big Ten. With the Pac-12 following suit soon, we’ll finally be able to see all of the Power 5 conferences in play. Let’s take a look at some of the top games of the upcoming week […]

2020 NCAAF Betting: ATS Picks for Week 7

Believe it or not, we’re starting Week 7 of the NCAAF season! Even though there’s only one matchup between ranked teams, it’s a matchup that could have major national title ramifications. Even with there being only one high-profile matchup, there are also some other intriguing games out there. Let’s take an early look at some […]

NCAAF Betting: Top 25 Winners & Losers Analysis

Week 6 of the college football season is in the books. We’ve learned a few things early on this season. We’ve learned that the Big 12 is not as strong as it has been in the past, and we’ve found out that the SEC is once again the cream of the crop once again. The Power […]

NCAAF Betting: College Football ATS Week 6 Picks

In what has already been a crazy year in college football with upsets and surprises, things are now starting to get clearer, as we’re figuring out who the legitimate contenders are. Let’s take a look at this week’s spreads, and we’ll make some early predictions so you can make your bets against their NCAAF odds. […]

NCAAF Betting: Top 25 Winners & Losers

Week 4 of the college football season brought many upsets, surprises, and the return of SEC football. Let’s take a look at some NCAAF teams that were helped by Week 4’s outcomes, and some of the teams that didn’t fare so well so you can make your bets against their College Football odds. College Football […]

2020 NCAAF Betting: Predictions for Week 5

So far, the college football season has been very unpredictable. We’ve seen a lot of upsets and a lot of surprises. With teams playing altered schedules, we have yet to figure out who are the real contenders, and who is still a pretender. Now that this week’s lines have come out, we’ve selected a few […]

NCAAF Betting: Top Games of the Weekend Sept. 26

The COVID-19 pandemic is still causing issues in college football. With some teams having to cancel games, and others having players unavailable due to the pandemic, the young season has already seen its fair share of problems. With some teams having already played, while others have yet to kick their season off, it could be […]