AFC Divisional Round

Chargers vs Patriots AFC Divisional Round Lines & Prediction

Tom Brady finds himself in another playoff run and only a few games away from the Super Bowl once again. Philip Rivers finds himself on a team that is possibly more capable than most of the teams he has been on in his career. While Rivers is enjoying plenty of talent around him, Tom Brady […]

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh NFL Odds & Divisional Round Game Preview

In the second AFC divisional game and the first game on Sunday – the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the road at the Pittsburgh Steelers. The winner of this game will take on the winner of the Patriots and Titans. Both teams would travel to New England or both teams would host the Titans. The Jacksonville Jaguars […]

NFL Betting Prediction for AFC Divisional Round

We are down to 4 teams left in the AFC. There are 3 games left until we get one of them to the Super Bowl LII to take on the NFC winner. This weekend is a huge one, as the divisional round games are here. Let’s take a look at the NFL Betting Odds and […]