Top Soccer Picks of the Week – January 16th Edition

Top Soccer Betting Picks of the Week – January 16th Edition

Written by on January 16, 2018

There are some great games on the soccer fields this week, and we have gone through and come away with some great betting options for you to take a look at. Here is our look at our Top Soccer Betting Picks of the Week, but don’t forget to check the latest odds on a daily basis for some possible changes.

Top Soccer Betting Picks of the Week – January 16th Edition

Leicester City over Fleetwood Town – Tuesday

Leicester City has come in on a little bit of a hard time this season. Of course not putting up with the pace of their title season, but their recent matchup on Saturday has them thinking things can be turned around.They take on Fleetwood Town, a team that they should be able to outmuscle and outrun the entire night. Take Leicester City on Tuesday.

Chelsea over Norwich City – Wednesday

Chelsea is 15-5-4 and 4th in the EPL League. They get a chance to go on the road to Norwich City. Norwich City has been a squad that has been hard to figure out.They should welcome Tottenham’s Edwards, who is on loan for the rest of the season. While he is a good player, not good enough. Chelsea should be able to get in the net and take care of winning this matchup on Wednesday.

Manchester United over Burnley – Saturday

Manchester United is coming off a blanking over Stoke City on Monday. Their leader Jose Mourinho has been pretty pleased with their play as of late, and pretty excited about the addition of Alexis Sanchez.The forward has joined the team. They will take on Burnley, a team that has been interesting. 9-7-7 and 7th in the EPL, this is a squad you do not want to look past. Look for a well-played match, but Manchester United wins this battle.

Manchester City over Newcastle United – Saturday

The top team in EPL is 20-2-1 so far. But, they are coming off a loss. A loss to Liverpool on Sunday. Look for a really irritated Manchester City team in this one.Once again, Manchester City should be one of your Soccer Betting Picks of the Week.They take on a Newcastle United squad that is near the bottom of the EPL standings with just 6 wins. Look for Manchester City to take their frustrations out in this game. It would be an upset if Newcastle United got a good look on goal.

Tottenham over Southhampton – Sunday

Tottenham is 5th in the EPL standings and Southampton is 17th. Sometimes the standings do not lie. This is one of those. While this affair is in Southhampton, who cares.Tottenham, as they are looking to keep momentum after blanking Everton should walk away with the win here. Take the Hotspurs.There is a look at the Top Soccer Betting Picks of the Week. We hope you enjoy the great matches on the field and get all your soccer bets in, and ready to cash. Hopefully, you enjoyed our Top Soccer Picks of the Week, and are ready to come back next week for some more great soccer bets!