Early 2022 World Cup Betting Predictions

Posted by Derrick Harper on July 16, 2018 in

If you’re looking for early favorites for the 2022 World Cup, look no further than a pair of semi-finalists in this year’s tournament: France and England. Recent history tells us that France will struggle to get out of the group stage, much less win the tournament in 2022. However, Les Bleus was one of the youngest teams in the tournament in 2018. Of their 11 regular starters, eight are 27 or younger and should be poised to return in four years, and that’s on top of the talented youngsters coming off the bench and coming up through the ranks.

England, meanwhile, was also one of the youngest teams at the 2018 World Cup. The core of the Three Lions should be back in 2022 after getting a taste of success and experience. England also won the U-17 and U-20 World Cups last summer, so there is a ton of young talent in that country that should be ready to contribute on the big stage in 2022.

Early 2022 World Cup Betting Predictions

Redemption Time

Motivation counts for a lot in the World Cup, so don’t discount countries like Germany, Brazil, and Spain that will be looking for some redemption in 2022. Germany, in particular, will be looking to make a splash after crashing out in the group stage in Russia. There’s also little doubt that they’ll be one of the more talented teams in the world in 2022.

The same can be said for Brazil, who will have gone 20 years without a world title by 2022. Finally, Spain will be upset that they didn’t go further this time around. The Spaniards will also have a great deal of turnover for the next World Cup, so they’ll have a new generation of talent looking to prove themselves.

It’s also important to know what teams to stay away from in 2022. Teams like Belgium and Croatia were among the top performers in this tournament, but that was due to each country have a golden generation performing at their best.

Belgium is one of the favorites at the early 2022 World Cup Betting Odds.

Both teams will look a lot different in four years, so don’t expect the same results four years from now. Countries like Portugal, Argentina, and Uruguay also entered the 2018 World Cup as teams with high aspirations at the end of a golden generation. Those countries may not be in good shape to compete in four years.

Dark Horses To Watch

As usual, there will be some dark horse teams to watch in 2022. At the top of that list is Nigeria, who had the youngster team at the 2018 World Cup with an eye toward 2022. If their young players continue to develop, the Super Eagles could be legitimate threats to win the title in four years. Senegal is another African team worth watching over the next four years. They had a great showing in Russia and have a young core to build upon.

Finally, Denmark could be another team with hopes of making noise in Qatar. Their best players are all young enough to stick around for four years and will likely be in their prime by 2022 World Cup. If things break well, the Danes could achieve what Belgium and Croatia achieved during the 2018 World Cup.