2018 World Cup Betting Preview Day 10

Posted by Derrick Harper on June 22, 2018 in

Saturday promises to be another exciting day at the 2018 World Cup Betting action, as Belgium and Mexico look to keep it going while Germany looks to bounce back. Let’s take a closer look at all three games on tap.

2018 World Cup Betting Preview Day 10

Belgium vs. Tunisia

Coming off a 3-0 win over Panama in their opener, Belgium is a heavy -324 favorite to beat Tunisia. While they nearly stole a draw from England, the North Africans are just +946 to beat Belgium, with a draw set at +428.

Despite the long odds, Tunisia will not be a pushover. The Eagles of Carthage showed plenty of quality in their opening match against England. They showed a willingness to get forward when they can while also staying organized defensively. However, they have to be wary of how they defend set-piece opportunities. England scored both goals off corner kicks. There were other occasions in which Tunisian defenders were a little overzealous in their physicality, which could create free-kick opportunities for Belgium.

The Red Devils, meanwhile, will feel like there are three points for the taking against Tunisia. To be fair, Belgium may have some kinks in their lineup to workout, so they are far from reaching their peak at this stage of the tournament. Nevertheless, they present great challenges for Tunisia.

South Korea vs. Mexico

Mexico pulled a shocker in their opening match against Germany, but they’ll need to refocus to face a desperate South Korean team. El Tri is favored at -148 to win while the Koreans are a bit of an underdog at +461. Meanwhile, a draw between the two is set at +268.

While Mexico hit Germany on the counterattack in their first game, the shoe could be on the other foot against South Korea. The Mexicans should expect to be on the ball a lot more and will need to break down South Korea, who will be defending in blocks. If the game plays out that way, the Mexican back line will have to do a lot more defending in space, where they could be more vulnerable.

Mexico comes in as the 2018 World Cup Betting favorite against South Korea.

Of course, at a certain point, South Korea will have to force the issue and press high against Mexico. With Germany looming in their final game, the Koreans know they need to take three points against Mexico. However, they struggled to sustain an attack against Sweden and will have to show a lot more quality in the attacking third if they’re going to get a goal or two past Mexico.

Germany vs. Sweden

Even with the loss to Mexico, Germany is a -245 favorite to beat Sweden and win Group F. Meanwhile, the Swedes are heavy underdogs at +691 to beat Germany, even after taking three points in their opener. Even a draw is set at +363, indicating the Germans remain heavy favorites.

There is no indication from the German camp that any major tactical or personnel changes will be made. This is a sound approach despite plenty of panic coming from fans and the German media. Germany wasn’t quite as sharp in the attacking third as they needed to be. But other than that, their performance against Mexico was fine, although their performance did leave plenty of room for improvement.

Of course, Sweden will likely take the same approach to play Germany that Mexico did. They will be happy to deep and look for opportunities to play on the counter. Also, with three points from their first game, the Swedes will be more than happy to tie the Germans, whereas Germany is almost playing a must-win game.