Updated 2018 Stanley Cup Odds, Picks, Favorites & Dark Horses

Posted by Aaron . on April 6, 2018 in

The National Hockey League regular season is coming to a close. The first part of April always means postseason in the NHL, and also additional and updated odds to win the Stanley Cup. We are here to give you a look at the Updated 2018 Stanley Cup Odds, along with giving you some picks, favorites and dark horses.

Updated 2018 Stanley Cup Odds, Picks, Favorites & Dark Horses


Let’s start with the favorites to win the 2018 Stanley Cup. Out of the Western Conference – the Nashville Predators will have home ice advantage through the Western Conference playoffs. The Predators went to the Stanley Cup Finals a season ago, and have been successful out of the Central Division. There are not a ton of holes in this Nashville team. The Predators come in listed at 7/2 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the team to beat out of the Eastern Conference. The Lightning is an incredible scoring team, but they are underrated on the defensive side and have great goaltending. Running through the Eastern Conference will not be an easy task, but at 6/1, the Lightning is the betting favorite.

Dark Horses

The one we like out of the Western Conference is the San Jose Sharks. There are three teams listed ahead of the Sharks in the West. The Sharks are tough, they are physical, and they can score when they need to. The Sharks have some postseason experience as well, which is a huge plus come April and March. The San Jose Sharks are listed at 22/1 to win the Stanley Cup in 2018.

According to the latest Stanley Cup Odds, the Sharks can be considered as a Dark Horse.

The Eastern Conference Darkhorse is the Washington Capitals. The Capitals were not as dominant in the regular season as they have been the last couple seasons, but this is still a great hockey team. Washington has been playing really well in March, and seem to have all their ducks in a row to take down the Eastern Conference this season. The Capitals are 16/1 odds.


In the end – our picks to win the 2018 Stanley Cup out of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference are the Pittsburgh Penguins at 17/2 and San Jose Sharks at 22/1. The Penguins are the team to beat until proven different. This is a team that is shooting for their third straight Stanley Cup title. Betting the Penguins 17/2 could make you a very happy, and rich better come June.

There is a look at the Updated 2018 Stanley Cup Odds, along with our Picks, Favorites, and Darkhorses. Enjoy the rest of the NHL regular season, and best of luck with all your Stanley Cup Playoffs betting!