Top NHL Betting Predictions for 2018 Playoffs Second Round

Posted by Aaron . on April 26, 2018 in

The National Hockey League has moved to the second round of the postseason. We enjoyed the first round and had good wins at the sportsbook. Now, we move to round two and are hoping to take down more NHL bets. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Top NHL Betting Predictions for the 2018 Playoffs Second Round.

Top NHL Betting Predictions for 2018 Playoffs Second Round

Tampa Bay Lightning -140 over Boston Bruins

The Tampa Bay Lightning are licking their lips at seeing the Bruins struggle through the 7 game series against Toronto. The Bruins are now a little more beat up and are questioning their ability to defend. This is time for Tampa Bay to show the Bruins the door and end them quickly.

Look for the offense of Tampa Bay to be the major key. These two teams are plenty familiar with each other, and we expect it to be a chippy series, but in the end, Tampa Bay moving to the Eastern Conference Finals with a 5 game series win is the question here.

Pittsburgh Penguins -120 over Washington Capitals

Some things never change. While the Washington Capitals would like to see those things change, it’s just bound to happen. The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to end the Washington Capitals season, again. The Capitals are playing solid hockey, with four straight wins, but Pittsburgh is a different animal than Columbus.

The playoff Penguins are here to stay. Who do you defend if you are the Capitals – Pittsburgh has too many weapons. Taking the Pittsburgh Penguins to win this series in 6 games seems to be the best choice.

Nashville Predators -140 over Winnipeg Jets

The Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets had the most points in the regular season during the year. Now, they get together, with the winner going to the Western Conference Finals. The Jets are talented, and the Predators know that. Nashville has the playoff punch after winning the West a season ago.

The Predators are the NHL Betting favorites to win it all.

They have more on their minds this season. The Predators would love a rematch with the Penguins, and they look to be a series away after they win this one. Taking the Nashville Predators in 7 games seems to be the way to go with this series.

San Jose Sharks +110 over Vegas Golden Knights

The lone upset we are taking in the second round is the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks are just as talented as the Golden Knights. If the Sharks can find a way to go to Vegas and win one of the first two games – then we really like this even more. San Jose has the playoff connection as well, as they are not that far removed from their trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The hockey world will not like it – but the Golden Knights run is coming to an end. Taking the San Jose Sharks in 6 games is the bet to make in this series.

Best of luck with all your NHL betting. It should be a great second round, and we are hoping you have great success in the sportsbooks. Get your bets in early and get them in often, as we are hoping you took a good look at our Top NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions for the Second Round.