Top 2019 NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions for Second Round

Posted by Aaron . on April 26, 2019 in

The Dallas Stars and the St. Louis Blues face off in the second round of the NHL playoffs after St. Louis has become a bit of a Cinderella story this season. They were nearly dead to rights and missing the playoffs undoubtedly, then, the righted the ship and have rattled off win after win after win and against great competition as well.

The second half of the season has been lights out for them. I’d go out on a limb and say they will have most of the momentum because of that almost fateful turn of tides on the season. Let’s take a look at the NHL Betting favorites while making some predictions.

Top 2019 NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions for Second Round

Stars with Energy

On the other side of all of this, not many people are talking about Dallas, yet they knocked off one of the perennial power houses in the sport with the Nashville Predators. They did it in 6 games as well, not bad for an underdog. The Stars come in with less storyline behind them and thus are likely to be the underdog again, something they don’t seem to be bothered much with.

The Calgary Flames fizzled out as well. Once the favorite to win the Stanley Cup, they now sit at home watching the Avalanche take to the second round. Remarkable, Colorado won in just 5 games.

They took it to the Flames and showed that it’s not about the record, it’s about who can get hot and at the right time. They, similarly to the Blues found wins in the second half to get their tickets to the playoffs, where they now will face the San Jose Sharks.

Vegas Fold

The Sharks narrowly escaped the Vegas Golden Knights in a complete seven games. They will likely come into the matchup as the underdog to the Avalanche due to the fashion in which Colorado handled the Flames.

In the East, Toronto got handled by the Bruins and so too did the Lightning. The two teams with perhaps the best shot of winning it all have been eliminated in the first round. The Lightning was the best team all season long and then they laid an egg against the Capitals.

I like the way Washington is playing hockey right now, and they will likely be the favors going into their matchup with Boston, but I just cannot pick against the Bruins right now. They are one of the toughest teams and one of the best defensive teams around.

Picks and Predictions for the NHL Playoffs Second Round

I like the West to finish chalk so I’m going with the Blues to escape in 6 games over the Stars and the Avalanche to come out of their series with a 4 to 3 advantage over the San Jose Sharks. However, I’ll take the Bruins to come out of their matchup unscathed with a 5 game set against the Capitals.

I love what they can do offensively, but I just can’t see the Caps being overly effective against Boston and that defensive unit. Boston and St. Louis are my two picks for the Stanley with the Bruins winning it all for the rare trifecta in sports, MLB, NFL, and NHL championships in one city in one calendar year.