NHL Odds to win Western Conference in 2018

Posted by Aaron . on September 21, 2018 in

A season ago, a big underdog came away as the winner of the Western Conference. Let’s check this season on the NHL odds to win the Stanley Cup out of the Western Conference.

NHL Odds to win Western Conference in 2018

Anaheim Ducks (+1200)

Despite numerous injuries, they still made the playoffs. Look for them to be healthier this season and push to finish in the top 8.

Arizona Coyotes (+5000)

Arizona is showing they are not a hockey destination. They’ve missed the playoffs each of the past six years.

Calgary Flames (+1200)

Missing the playoffs seven out of nine seasons will land you with long odds to win the conference. The oddsmakers were very generous with this team.

Chicago Blackhawks (+2000)

Corey Crawford is back and that’s a huge plus for the Blackhawks. They still have Kane and Toews so they cannot be ruled out so easily. Look out for a rebound from this veteran-led team.

Colorado Avalanche (+1700)

This team is the wildcard of the league for me. Surprisingly good last season and young. They could make huge strides in 2018-2019.

Dallas Stars (+1200)

I like what I’ve seen from the Stars. They were in the hunt for the playoffs last season until the last push. I think they are a few years away or perhaps a big trade away yet, but they are on the rise.

Edmonton Oilers (+1200)

They need to improve in scoring behind Connor McDavid. He cannot be the only offensive production for this team if they want to win anything when the playoffs roll around.

Los Angeles Kings (+1200)

After locking in defenseman Drew Doughty, the Kings are set to compete with the Golden Knights for years to come right? As long as they fix their scoring deficiencies.

Minnesota Wild (+1200)

They are not a team in need of a rebuild, but they also are not a turnkey contender for a new coach, Paul Fenton. This team is frustrating to fans because they always seem to be just one move away from making a big splash. The definition of a competitor, but not a contender.

Nashville Predators (+500)

They are a stout team that had a great season a year ago, just fizzled out at the end against an even tougher team in Winnipeg. No need for concern, these guys will be back at it again this season.

San Jose Sharks (+575)

The sharks have produced 98, 99, and 100 points in their last three seasons. Their coaching is among the best in the league and they just added one of the top free agents in Erik Karlsson. These guys are one of my projected top four finishers this season.

St. Louis Blues (+1200)

This team was close last season, but no cigar. They traded away one of their gems in Paul Stastny, and Martin Brodeur decided to pursue other options as he left his post as Assistant GM.

The Blues are favorites at the NHL Odds to win the Western Conference.

None of this is good news for St. Louis. I feel they take a step back this season.

Vancouver Canucks (+400)

The Canucks have had the worst record in the Western Conference for three years running. Canucks fans can simply sigh and move on to the next article.

Vegas Golden Knights (+600)

They came in like a wrecking ball last season, their inaugural season in the league. I can’t remember another expansion team, in any other sport, coming on so strongly and taking the whole national audience by storm like these guys. No need to change a thing.

Winnipeg Jets (+525)

They had the league’s second-best record last season and proved to be one of the toughest, most consistent teams around as they defeated the Nashville Predators in last year’s playoffs. Another team that is favorites to hoist the Stanley Cup at season’s end by most experts.

Enjoy the season and best of luck!