Long Shots To Win The 2016 Stanley Cup

Posted by Aaron . on February 4, 2016 in

When people talk about the favorite teams to win the Stanley Cup this June, they talk about the Washington Capitals, the Dallas Stars, the Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Blackhawks — and now the Tampa Bay Lightning have moved back into the conversation. However, the NHL playoffs are notorious for sending low seeds all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals — and in some years all the way to the title. So let’s take a look at what some of the longer shots on the edge of the playoff race — and how they can get to the championship. Don’t forget to check for more betting lines for the 2016 Stanely Cup at our online sportsbook.


Which Long Shots Have the Best Stanley Cup Betting Odds?

Carolina Hurricanes (75/1)

The Hurricanes sit just a single point out of the last wild card position in the East, and two points behind the third place team in the Metropolitan Division. One disadvantage is that the Panthers have already finished 51 of the season’s 84 games, more than any other squad in the conference — making those gaps a little bigger than they look in the standings. They also have eight pending free agents on their roster, including big-name center Eric Staal, so they might decide to sell off some of their assets. If Carolina ends up with the wild card, they will likely see the Caps in the first round. If they can make the #3 slot from the Metropolitan, they would likely see Pittsburgh, the Islanders or the Rangers — all of whom have their vulnerabilities.

Arizona Coyotes (70/1)

Right now, the Coyotes are in third place in the Pacific Division. They are also three points behind Nashville and San Jose for the second wild card position and the #2 seed, respectively. If the Coyotes stay in their current spot, they look to take on San Jose in the first round — a winnable proposition. After that, it becomes a gauntlet — but it’s a tough road for any of the contenders in a brutal West.

New Jersey Devils (60/1)

The Devils are in a similar spot as the Hurricanes, although they have only played 50 games and have an additional point. Because the Devils’ current free agents don’t have a lot of value, there’s not a lot of motivation for them to sell and bring in long-term assets. The Devils could slide into the postseason as a wild card team in the East or the second or third team in the Metropolitan. They have an elite netminder in Cory Schneider and two solid offensive lines — but two lines that are offensive liabilities.

Montreal Canadiens (50/1)

How the mighty have fallen this year. This was one of the top two teams in the NHL, along with the Dallas Stars, for the first month of the season. Then Carey Price, the All-Star goalie, went down to injury, and the team hasn’t recovered. They went from the top seed in the East to being on the outside of the playoffs if the season ended today. If Price and come back, and/or the team changes its head coach, the team might be able to right the ship. They have time to figure things out and snag a wild card, but it will be a hard road.