Updated 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Posted by Aaron . on March 1, 2016 in

With each passing week, the Stanley Cup playoffs are getting closer. As teams shift back and forth in the standings, their relative odds of winning the greatest trophy in professional sport keeps changing. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent NHL betting odds of each team grabbing the trophy.

Updated 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Odds



Washington (9/2)

Right now, the Capitals are running away with this league. They have 94 points — and they still have 23 games to play. They had some stumbles around the All-Star break but are up and running again, winners of 7 of their last 10.

Chicago, Dallas (6/1)

The Blackhawks and Stars keep trading places atop the Western Conference. Right now, it’s the Blackhawks who are on top with 83 points, but the Stars also have 83 points (just more ties and fewer wins), so it’s neck and neck with both teams having played 64 of 84 regular season games. The Stars have a slightly more powerful offense, but they have some defensive lapses. The Blackhawks have a more consistent defense, but some nights their offense vanishes.

Los Angeles, New York Rangers (8/1)

The Kings vaulted to the lowest odds when both the Blackhawks and Stars were faltering in January, but now they’ve fallen back in the pack a bit (78 points). However, they have two games in hand on the Stars and Blackhawks. The Blueshirts went down to Dallas and took a win, showing that they can contend with the best.

Now let’s look at some of the other teams in the chase:

Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Florida (10/1)
St. Louis, Boston (16/1)
San Jose (25/1)
Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York Islanders (30/1)
Nashville, Minnesota (40/1)
Colorado, Montreal (80/1)
Ottawa, Philadelphia, Carolina (100/1)
New Jersey, Arizona (200/1)
Vancouver, Winnipeg (300/1)
Columbus, Buffalo (500/1)
Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto (1000/1)