Winning SU Picks for NFL Preseason Week 2

Posted by Dylan Bolaños on August 14, 2017 in

Week 1 has come to a close in the National Football League preseason schedule. There were o pretty fun games, and a couple games that were a little dull. Now, we go to Week 2, where the schedule looks pretty good. We have done our homework, and are ready to give you some  Winning Straight Up Picks, with the latest NFL preseason odds.

Winning SU Picks for NFL Preseason Week 2

Atlanta Falcons over Pittsburgh Steelers

Two pretty impressive offensive teams will get together for preseason Week 2. This game is played in Atlanta, and from all the sounds of it – the Falcons will play more of their important regulars than the Pittsburgh Steelers. While that can certainly change, that’s our biggest factor in this game. When betting on this game for Week 2 of the preseason schedule we are going with the Atlanta Falcons as a straight up winner over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Miami Dolphins over Baltimore Ravens

Will we see Jay Cutler play in this game for the Miami Dolphins? That’s the big question, as Miami signed up from retirement to fill the void for the injured Ryan Tannehill. One guy we know we will not see if Joe Flacco. That makes a big difference, and the Dolphins defense is going to be out for blood. Look for the Ravens to struggle to score in this game. The final bet for this game is the Miami Dolphins straight up over the Baltimore Ravens.

Are the Ravens a safe bet against the Dolphins in Week 2 of the NFL Preseasno?

Los Angeles Chargers over New Orleans Saints

This is a Sunday Night Game, and the Chargers are playing their second straight Sunday Night preseason game. The Chargers are back at home in this game. While that may not make a huge difference this season, it’s still a place more comfortable for the Chargers than the Saints. Look for the Chargers to grab the straight up victory over the Saints in this one.

New York Giants over Cleveland Browns

Yes, it’s preseason action – but it’s really tough to place a bet on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were okay in their first preseason game, and the Giants were pretty sloppy, but the end result of this game is going to be a Giants win. The point spread does not matter in this bet. Take the New York Giants over the Cleveland Browns in this game in preseason Week 2 action.

There you have it. Those are our Winning Straight Up Picks for the National Football League in Preseason Week 2. Best of luck with all your betting, and we hope you enjoy the action. Remember – use good bankroll management, and ride the ups and downs, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!