Winning Bets for the NFL Week 2

Posted by Peter Boysen on September 17, 2016 in

Did you have the Jets winning in Buffalo in a barn burner? That’s OK — you’re far from alone if you chose the Bills to pull out a sixth straight win in that rivalry. Bring your online betting balance back up into the black by taking a dive on one of the NFL matchups this weekend. We’ve looked at the games remaining — and here are our best bets for you on Sunday. Home teams are in all caps.


Winning Bets for the NFL Week 2

PITTSBURGH (-3.5) over Cincinnati (48.5 O/U)


Andy Dalton has a reputation for choking in big road games. Ben Roethlisberger AND Antonio Brown are healthy and will be on the field at the same time. Last week, that led to a 38-point performance by the Steelers on Monday Night Football as they ran Washington out of their own stadium. The Bengals did win last week, but it took the Jets missing an extra point and having a field goal blocked. I like the Steelers to run roughshod over the Bengals.

Tennessee (+6) over DETROIT (47.5 O/U)

If you watched the Lions-Colts track meet last week, you know that the Detroit secondary and pass rush aren’t very good. The Lions pulled it out, thanks to a generous Indy secondary, but the game was closer than the line for this game. I like Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray to have stellar games offensively, because the Lions don’t play much defense either. I don’t think the Titans pull it out, but I do think they keep it within three or four, losing late on a Matt Stafford touchdown.

WASHINGTON (-3) over Dallas (45.5 O/U)

Guess what? The Cowboys’ offensive line laid an egg in Week 1, when they played against a Giants team that isn’t all that good against the run — or the pass. However, they did stiffen up in the red zone, which is why the Cowboys only tallied one touchdown and four field goals in five trips inside the 20. The Redskins did take a spanking at home from the Steelers in Week 1, but the Steelers also have a defense that isn’t missing a bunch of starters due to substance abuse suspensions. If you watched Shane Vereen running through the middle for the Giants, you might have thought you were looking at the second coming of Tiki Barber. What you really saw was an awful Cowboys front seven, and only one of those suspensions ends this week (DeMarcus Lawrence).

NEW ENGLAND (-6.5) over Miami (42 O/U)

If New England can beat Arizona on the road with backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, why can’t they beat Miami at home by a touchdown? I’m not sure why anyone would take the Dolphins in this one. Yes, the Seahawks played a little slow on offense in Week 1 against Miami, but they did pull out the win, and the Seahawks have shown a trend to start their seasons a little slow in recent years.