NFL Betting: Updated Win/Loss Predictions for Every Team

NFL Betting: Updated Win/Loss Predictions for Every Team

Written by on August 16, 2021

The NFL win total predictions have been released. The betting public loves to bet on the over/under total number of wins each season. Let’s take a look at the projected win totals of each team, and we’ll give you our predictions for the season so you can consider them when betting against the NFL odds.

The NFL Win Total Predictions Have Been Released

AFC West

The experts are saying that the Chiefs should win 12 games. If everyone stays healthy, this should happen. When we look at the rest of the division’s win predictions, it becomes more obvious why the Chiefs shouldn’t have an issue getting to 12. The Chargers’ total prediction is 9. If Justin Herbert and company continue to improve, we could see them winning more than 9. 

The Raiders win total has been set at 8. Until Jon Gruden gets the defense straightened up, don’t expect much more. As for the Broncos, we feel like the 7.5 could be a little low. We like the Broncos’ defense to step it up this season.

AFC North

The experts think that the Ravens will win 11 games this season and will win the division. We’re still not totally sold on Lamar Jackson and company. As for the Cleveland Browns, the number has been set at 10. We like them winning more than the 10.

With the Steelers coming in at 9, we’re just not sold on that number. They have a great defense, but we don’t trust Big Ben and the offense. The Bengals win total has been set at 6.5. We think the Bengals will be improved this season and could get to 7 or 8.

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts are predicted to win the division with 10 wins. It sounds like Carson Wentz will be ready for their first game. We think Indy could be a little better than the 10. Tennessee comes in at 9.5 wins. The offense should be stellar, but the defense is still a question mark. Jacksonville has made lots of changes.

We think Trevor Lawrence will lead them to more than 6 wins. As for Houston and their predicted total of 5 wins, we’re going with the under on that one.

AFC East

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills took the NFL by storm last year. They’re predicted to defend their division crown with a predicted over/under of 10.5. We think they’ll go 11-6. The Dolphins have been steadily improving since Brian Flores took over. They’re predicted to win 9 games. 

We like the over. The Patriots are also at 9 wins. We think they go over as well. The Jets at 6 wins is about right. We think they sneak an extra one in and get to 7.

NFC West

This could be the most balanced division in football. Matt Stafford is supposed to lead the Rams to 10.5 wins. We think he gets 11. Both the Seahawks and Niners come in at an over/under of 10. We think the Seahawks go over, and the Niners under. 8 wins for the Cardinals is a little low in our book.

Take the over.

NFC North

With Aaron Rodgers back, the Packers are the favorites to win the division. We like their win total of 11. The Vikings could be a surprise team this season. Take the over of 8.5. We think the Bears go over their prediction of 7.5 as well. As for the Lions, go under the 5.

NFC South

Tampa Bay is the clear-cut favorite to win this division. They return all 22 starters from last season’s team. They’re predicted over/under is 11.5. We think they go 12-5. The Saints come in at 9.5. We’re going with the under on this one.

The Saints’ demise starts this season. 7.5 for the Panthers is a little low in our book. As for the Falcons, we think that their over/under of 7 may be a little high.

NFC East

Once again, this division could be a mess. The Cowboys are the favorites, with a projected win total of 9.5. As long as everyone stays healthy, we like the over.

The Washington Football Team’s over/under is 9. We like them to win this division. We’re going with the over. The Giants and Eagles come in at 7. We’re going with the under for both.