NFL Odds to win Every Division in 2018

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The National Football League is a year-round betting sport these days. With the season coming up soon, it’s time to place some future bets on winning the 8 divisions. These odds will change as the season begins, and as it rolls along. Getting in some future bets may garner you some great money. Here is a look at the NFL Odds to win Every Division in 2018.

NFL Odds to win Every Division in 2018

AFC North

The favorite to win the AFC North is no surprise. Big Ben and company are the big favorites. Pittsburgh, who failed to get to the AFC title game a season ago come into the season listed at -303. The Ravens are next at +450, followed by the Bengals at +900 and then the Cleveland Browns round out the division listed at +1100. Take the Steelers.

AFC East

The New England Patriots are the biggest favorite of all teams to win their division. The Patriots are listed at -714 to take it down. Who is next is the best question we have heard. The Jets are listed at +1000, with both the Dolphins and Bills coming in at +1200. The Patriots will once again run away with this division.

AFC South

Maybe the toughest division in the NFL to handicap. The Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are the favorites coming into the season. Jacksonville went to the AFC title game a season ago, and the Texans are getting DeShaun Watson back. They are listed at +180. Then – the Titans and Colts are tied for third at +400. We are going with the upset here and trusting in Andrew Luck. Take the Indianapolis Colts at +400.

AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs, who were good for a couple season are actually the biggest underdog in the AFC West. The Chiefs are +320. Just before Kansas City is Denver at +300. The Oakland Raiders are the expected runner-up at +275, and the Los Angeles Chargers are the betting favorites to win the division. It’s hard to trust the Chargers. Take Oakland in a bounce-back season for Derek Carr. The Raiders +275 is our bet.

NFC North

The NFC North will see the Chicago Bears improved, but not enough. The Bears are still the underdogs in the division at +700. The Detroit Lions are projected to finish third at +600, behind two likely playoff teams. The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are tied as the favorites in the betting world at +137. Take the Packers with Aaron Rodgers, as Minnesota falls back with a new quarterback.

NFC East

The NFC East sports the Super Bowl Champion. The Eagles are MASSIVE favorites coming into the season at -175. The Eagles should win the division but will be challenged.

The Eagles are favorites at the NFL Odds to win the NFC East.

Dallas is second at +300, followed by the Giants and Washington at +700. While the Giants will compete, the Eagles are going to take down the division.

NFC South

Anyone’s guess is good for the NFC South. Tampa Bay should start emerging soon, right? They are listed at +550. The Panthers are still talented but have shown inconsistent play. They are listed at +300. The Saints were a play away from the NFC title game. Drew Brees is old. They are listed at +187. Finally – the Falcons are the favorites to win the division. Atlanta is listed at +180 to take it down. We will put our money on the Panthers NFL Odds at +300.

NFC West

The 49ers are going to be improved, the Seahawks are not, and Arizona is bad. But, the winner of the NFC West for the second straight season is the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are -120 over San Francisco at +260. Seattle is +375 and Arizona is listed at +1100. Take the Rams here.

There is a look at the NFL odds to win Every Division in 2018. Best of luck with all your bets, and definitely your bets within the National Football League. We are looking forward to the kickoff of the season, but want to guide you along the way with the best possible betting odds. Enjoy the season!