Why Bet on the Chiefs to Beat the Patriots

Posted by Aaron . on January 15, 2016 in

You might think that the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have a prayer going into their divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots this week. After all, the Chiefs have only won one of their last nine playoff games, and the Patriots make a habit of rolling all the way to the Super Bowl, win or lose. However, here are several reasons to bet on the Chiefs when the two teams meet at Gillette Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The game kicks off at 4:35pm Eastern time on CBS, and we have an NFL betting preview prepared for all KC fans.

No one has ever had momentum like the Chiefs.

There are many things to say about KC’s season performance. While most of the attention focused on Carolina’s near perfect season, the Chiefs also deserve some praise for putting together a truly impressive season comeback. In fact the Chiefs are the first team in the history of the NFL to lose five straight and then win 11 straight in the same season. They were the first to do that when they hit nine straight wins, so they’ve been adding to history every week. They showed no signs of slowing down in the wild card game, when they routed Houston, 30-0, to notch the first shutout in an NFL playoff game in ten years. The Patriots lost in Weeks 16 and 17, as the Jets and the Dolphins knocked them off — and the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins didn’t even make the playoffs.

The Chiefs are a solid road team.

The Chiefs have played away from Kansas City ten times this year (eight road games, a “home” game in London, and the playoff game in Houston), and they have won seven of those contests. Six of those ten games came against teams that also made it to the playoffs this year. There are several statistical metrics in which the Chiefs have been better on the road than at home too. A lot of teams find themselves distracted when they head out on the road, but you can’t say that about the Chiefs this year.

KC Chiefs 2015 Betting Analysis

Kansas City is solid on defense.

One element of the genius of Patriots coach Bill Belichick is that he finds a way to adapt his team’s offense every week to take on the frailties of the next opponent. The Chiefs’ defense does not provide a lot of vulnerabilities, though. The Chiefs were #3 in the NFL as far as scoring defense in the regular season, and if you add in the playoff victory, they have only permitted 20+ points in one of their last 13 contests. The Patriots ranked #3 in points scored in the NFL, though, so they will provide the Chiefs with a challenge like few other teams have this season. Even so, there’s no reason to suggest that the Chiefs will falter this week.