NFL Week 9 Sharp Betting Picks

Posted by Peter Boysen on November 4, 2016 in

The National Football League’s 2016 season has now breezed through the halfway point, and we approach Week 9 with both Denver and Oakland sitting atop the AFC West at 6-2, with Dallas posting a 6-1 record to lead the whole NFC, and with New England sitting at 7-1 with the best record in all of football. Take a look at some of our best NFL betting picks for this weekend’s action.

NFL Week 9 Sharp Betting Picks

Carolina (-3) over LOS ANGELES

You’ve probably read this in a lot of places right now, but the Los Angeles Rams took quarterback Jared Goff from Cal with the first pick in the NFL draft. You may have heard of some great performances this year from some of the other quarterbacks who went later in that draft (Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott). While Paxton Lynch struggled in his debut in Denver when Trevor Siemian went down briefly to injury, the lesson here is that if you draft a rookie quarterback, and if your team has not already established itself as a contender (especially if you don’t have an established quarterback) then that rookie should see some time. Case Keenum threw FOUR interceptions in the team’s loss in London, but if you ask the Rams’ offensive coordinator, Rob Boras, about Keenum’s play, he says, “He’s played really well.” The Rams have a solid defensive nucleus and a terrific tailback in Todd Gurley. So why won’t they play Goff? What do the Rams know that we don’t?

What we do know is that the Carolina Panthers shook off a ton of doubt when they took down Arizona last week, 30-20. The Panther defense should have a field day with Keenum, so this three-point line is more than doable.

New Orleans (-4.5) over SAN FRANCISCO

No, the New Orleans Saints haven’t learned how to play defense again. Fortunately for them, no one in the NFC South (except Carolina in short spurts) plays intense defense either. San Francisco remains especially awful, despite the arrival of new head coach Chip Kelly. If they lose again, the Niners could be looking at their fourth head coach in four seasons starting next year. He has two quarterbacks that have been described as talented, in Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, but neither one has shown that he can run Kelly’s offense. New Orleans, on the other hand, has scored in bunches, which is one reason why they have won three games. I like them to win #4 this week in San Francisco.

KANSAS CITY (-7.5) over Jacksonville

Normally, I wouldn’t pick a Chiefs offense run by quarterback Nick Foles to beat anybody by a touchdown. After all, Foles turned into an interception machine in Philadelphia, and then again in St. Louis. So while he throws the ball down the field more than Alex Smith is likely to, he also has a bigger risk of finding a Jaguar with his pass. However, Jacksonville has plenty of their own problems right now, on both sides of the ball, so even with Foles at the helm, the Chiefs should roll.