My Expert Week 4 NFL Betting Parlay Picks

Posted by Daniel Saenz on July 21, 2016 in

It’s always a party when you’re putting together a parlay, because there’s nothing like having the Cardinals by four in a game that they lead by six…but Aaron Rodgers is leading the Packers down the field late…after you already cleaned up when the Patriots covered their line against the Bills. Oh yeah, and when you take advantage of the right Week 4 NFL parlay picks, you also make a lot more money. Take a look at some of our suggestions, fresh out of the oven. Home teams, as always, are in all caps.

A Closer Look at My Expert Week 4 Parlay Picks

CINCINNATI (-6.5) over Miami (Thursday) / NEW ENGLAND (-7) over Buffalo (Sunday)

That’s right — I’m calling for you to take the heavy favorite in both of these matchups. No, we don’t know how good Ryan Tannehill will be at the helm for the Dolphins this year yet, but we do know that they have locker room cancer Ndamukong Suh on their defense, and we know how pitifully he underperformed for the Fins last year. We also know that Andy Dalton will be back and ready to redeem his team from one of the most life force-sucking playoff losses ever. So even though it’s a night road game (where Dalton tended to fold in the past), I like the Bengals to take the Dolphins to the woodshed.

And what about the New England Patriots? Yes, Tom Brady will STILL be suspended. But Jimmy Garoppolo will have had three weeks to run the offense, so he should be at his most confident. Rex Ryan will have spent the week talking about how much of a hide-tanning he’s going to give Bill Belichick and the Patriots, even though he doesn’t have the franchise quarterback, the running back, or the solid defense he needs to do it. So the Patriots will be ready to make the Bills look silly.

BALTIMORE (-2) over Oakland / TAMPA BAY (+2.5) over Denver

Two AFC West teams on the road, two losses. Yes, the Oakland Raiders are going to be terrific this year — I like them for an AFC wild card and will not be surprised to see them vault past Denver and joust with the Chiefs for the AFC West title. However, Baltimore has their injured quarterback, Joe Flacco, back and their defense will be as solid as ever, so I see them roughing up a young Oakland team three time zones east of home.

Tampa Bay is another young, solid team with a growing quarterback in Jameis Winston, but the reason I have the Buccaneers winning (and the Raiders losing) is that Tampa Bay gets to take on a Denver team led by Mark Sanchez. It’s entirely possible that the Broncos will go from Super Bowl champs to missing the postseason thanks to this terrific personnel decision by John Elway.

Dallas (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO / PITTSBURGH (-4) over Kansas City

The two rivals from the 1970s (with Roger Staubach leading that Dallas offense against Terry Bradshaw and the Steel Curtain) will bring you a parlay win as Week 4’s Sunday games draw to a close. San Francisco remains a soap opera, as Colin Kaepernick has said in interviews that he is “happy” still to be in the Bay Area, while the Cowboys are ready to run roughshod over the league after last season’s debacle.

Meanwhile, the Steelers have the edge in mental toughness over the Chiefs — I just don’t ever see myself picking Alex Smith, as good at he is at managing games, over Big Ben Roethlisberger when the defenses are as even as they are.