NFL Week 10 Betting Predictions

Posted by Peter Boysen on November 10, 2016 in

Both the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots sit atop their respective conferences with 7-1 records. While the Patriots are not a surprise, the Cowboys certainly are, given the fact that Tony Romo has yet to play a snap at quarterback. However, there are some other surprises as well, such as the fact that Oakland sits atop the AFC West, led by young Derek Carr; that last year’s AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals sit at 3-4-1 — but just ½ game behind Baltimore and Pittsburgh for the division lead; that Green Bay is in third place in the NFC North, the fact that no team in the NFC East, an awful division last year, has a record below .500, but that both the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals sit below that same .500 mark. What can we expect going into Week 10? Take a look at some of our predictions, as well as our NFL betting lines for the weekend’s action. Home teams, as always, are in all caps.

NFL Week 10 Betting Predictions

WASHINGTON (-3) over Minnesota

The Vikings’ offense has completely collapsed. The lack of a running back and wide receiving corps has finally caught up to the team, as they showed when they lost at home to a Detroit Lions team last week that can’t stop anyone on defense. The Redskins don’t have a stellar defense either, but they have a quarterback in Kirk Cousins who lights things up at home. The Sam Bradford revival appears to have ground to a halt, so expect those 5-3 Vikings to start sliding down the standings, beginning with a loss in DC.

Kansas City (+3) over CAROLINA

Last week, the Carolina Panthers went to Los Angeles and eked out a three-point victory over a Los Angeles Rams team that has, to their credit, shown fortitude on defense. However, given the fact that the Rams continue to play Case Keenum at quarterback, the Panthers should have been able to limit the Rams to short drives, win the field position battle and wear the Rams down going away. The Panthers are having real problems just moving the ball, and the Kansas City defense has shown adept skill at shutting down running attacks while also providing blanket coverage in the secondary. I like the Chiefs to do what they do — chew up the clock with long scoring drives and keep the Panthers out of the end zone.

Atlanta (PK) over PHILADELPHIA

If the Philadelphia Eagles gave up 28 points to the New York Giant offense last week, then the Falcon offense could put up 40 or 50. That combination of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is one of the deadliest in the entire league, and the Eagles put up a Swiss-cheese effort in that secondary last week that just won’t work. Atlanta has the extra rest, since they played last Thursday (when they put 43 points on the board against Tampa Bay), and I like Tampa Bay’s defense more than I like Philadelphia’s, in terms of aggressiveness and solid coverage, at least at this point.