NFL Week 1 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Posted by Derrick Harper on July 19, 2018 in

The NFL, in general, can be difficult to predict. But that’s even truer during Week 1 when there is so little information on which to base picks. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some of the games that you may want to bet on NFL Week 1.

NFL Week 1 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Chiefs at Chargers (-3)

Come on, this is too easy, Chargers all the way in this game. Look, Patrick Mahomes may be a real good quarterback one day, but the Chiefs may have to live with some of the growing pains of a young quarterback early in the year.

When you factor into the equation the Chiefs being on the road and the Chargers having some serious pass rushers, things don’t look so good for Kansas City. You hate to predict a blowout in a rivalry game, but you’d be wise to bet on the Chargers winning this game easily.

Redskins at Cardinals – PK

You always want to take a shot whenever a game is a straight PK. With no spread to cover, this is essentially a 50-50 coin flip pick, which is better odds than most of the games you’ll ever find in a casino. What team you pick depends mostly on how you feel about new Washington quarterback Alex Smith.

Keep in mind that the Cardinals have some real talent on defense. Also, if Sam Bradford is healthy, they may not be so bad on offense either, so maybe a slight lean to the home team for this game.

Bears at Packers (-8)

Don’t believe the hype of a team favored by more than a touchdown in Week 1, even at home. No one’s saying the Bears are a playoff team, but they’re capable of staying within a touchdown against the Packers. Don’t forget that Chicago’s defense was top-10 in points allowed last season despite little help from the offense.

Perhaps more importantly, Mitchell Trubisky has a quarterback guru as a head coach and legitimate playmakers around him after the Bears went on a spending spree over the offseason. Do yourself a favor and bet on the Bears keeping it close and beating the spread in Week 1.

Jets at Lions (-7)

Surely, the Jets can’t be so bad as to be touchdown underdogs the first week of the season. Admittedly, they have some serious questions marks heading into the season, starting with who will be the quarterback.

The Lions will come in as favorites for NFL Week 1 against the Jets.

But they were not nearly as bad as people projected them to be last season, so give Todd Bowles some credit. Also, the Lions are breaking in a first-time head coach in Matt Patricia. Expecting Detroit to cover a full touchdown is a little much, take the underdog Jets in this one.

Rams (-3) at Raiders

Week 1 concludes with the second of two Monday night games, as the Raiders host the Rams. To be fair, the Rams were excellent last season, but road favorites for a Monday night game isn’t a great position for them.

For starters, Raiders fans will be going nuts on Monday Night Football the opening week, especially with Jon Gruden back as the head coach and the team leaving town soon. Also, remember how good the Raiders are when Derek Carr is healthy? Don’t fall for the trap and make sure you bet on Oakland.