NFL Week 1 ATS Betting Picks

Posted by Aaron . on September 4, 2017 in

NFL Week 1 of the 2017 regular season has arrived. Like always, there are some tremendous games on the Week 1 schedule. The games should be fun, and we always have a couple surprises when Week 1 is over. Let’s take a look at our best NFL odds picks for Week 1 to bet Against the Spread Picks:

NFL Week 1 ATS Betting Picks

Kansas City Chiefs +9 over New England Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs are sneaky enough to compete and compete well with the defending Super Bowl Champions. Alex Smith may not be flashy, but this is a guy that can take care of the football, and move the offense. The Chiefs have a good enough defense, especially early in the season to keep this game close. Look
for the Kansas City Chiefs to cover this +9 on the road at the Patriots in the first NFL game of the 2017 season.

New York Jets +9 over Buffalo Bills

One would say the New York jets are the worst team in the National Football League, and you would not get a ton of arguments. They are going to be epicly bad in 2017. But, the Buffalo Bills are not going to be a ton better, and the Bills are not very healthy. Buffalo does not have enough offense to blow anyone out. Look for a slug fest here with the New York Jets keeping this game close. Bet the Jets +9 over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Chicago Bears +9 over Atlanta Falcons

Bear Down, Chicago Bears. Okay, the Chicago Bears are going to stink. Mike Glennon or rookie Trubisky, it won’t matter – the Bears will stink. But, they are at home, and it’s the opener. Jordan Howard is good, and will be able to have a field day against a questionable Falcons run defense. Look for the Falcons to come away with the win in this game, but if you are Against the Spread betting – take the Chicago Bears. Bet on the Chicago Bears +9 over the Atlanta Falcons.

Are the Falcons a safe bet in NFL Week 1?

Washington Redskins +1 over Philadelphia Eagles

Not sure where the love for the road Philadelphia Eagles is coming from here. It’s still much of the same Eagles team that was pretty poor at the end of last season. Kirk Cousins is at home, and ready to throw the football. Look for Cousins and the Redskins offense to score enough to win this game. The Redskins are an underdog, and we like them alot. Bet on the Washington Redskins +1 over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in Week 1.

Cleveland Browns +9 over Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 1 is a week of underdogs. The Cleveland Browns are going to better than most give them credit for. Sure, the Browns are still going to be the bottom of the basement in the AFC North, but they will compete. Check the numbers on Ben Roethlisberger when playing on the road, and see if you do not agree with me here. In Week 1 – on Sunday – take the Cleveland Browns +9 over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Best of luck with all your National Football League betting. Enjoy the action, and we hope you take down the books when you are betting.