Updated NFL Week 1 Odds (August 1st)

Posted by Aaron . on August 1, 2016 in

Now that training camps are open, let’s take a look at the latest NFL Week 1 odds. Your team’s line may have shifted, and if you were waiting for a value to open up, now’s the time to make your move. Home team is in all caps.

Here’s a Look at the Updated NFL Week 1 Odds (August 1st)

Thursday, September 8

Carolina over DENVER (-1)

I still like Carolina in this game. Denver is working in Mark Sanchez at quarterback, and I think the Panthers will be able to run roughshod over him. The Broncos still have an iron defense, so the Panthers won’t have an easy time of it, but I see them coming in hungry after that Super Bowl loss. Without Peyton Manning’s ball management skills, I see this going the Panthers’ way.

Sunday, September 11

BALTIMORE (-3) over Buffalo

Joe Flacco is back. The Ravens’ defense is back. The options at tailback and wide receiver are a little thin, but I don’t see the Bills’ defense outdueling Baltimore’s on the road, and I don’t see Tyrod Taylor outdueling a motivated Flacco.

HOUSTON (-4.5) over Chicago

Brock Osweiler is the new Texans’ quarterback, and I see Denver regretting not signing him all year long. The Bears will be better this year, particularly on the offensive side, but Houston has a solid D of their own and has made a major upgrade under center.

ATLANTA (-3) over Tampa Bay

Love Jameis Winston, but I think Atlanta comes out of the gate closer to that 5-0 team that started last year (and that was the only team to beat Carolina at all, later on in the season) than the dumpster fire in the middle of the 2015 campaign.

Oakland (+1.5) over NEW ORLEANS

Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are too young and too good to worry about the voodoo. And Drew Brees is too old to get away from the Raiders’ pass rush.

Green Bay (-3.5) over JACKSONVILLE

Aaron Rodgers enters the season in full eff-you mode after losing in overtime in the playoffs last year. The Jaguar defense won’t be able to stop him.

Minnesota (-3) over TENNESSEE

Marcus Mariota has DeMarco Murray in the backfield with him now. He’s still waiting for some people to block for them, and he’s still waiting on a defense.

NEW YORK JETS (-1.5) over Cincinnati

The Jets still have one of the best secondaries in the AFC, and I think the Bengals come in with a little bit of a playoff hangover. Ryan Fitzpatrick just signed a one-year deal to be the Jets’ quarterback again, answering a major question about offensive stability.

Cleveland (+7) over PHILADELPHIA

RGIII, baby! Here’s a question. Will Sam Bradford make it through one entire game at quarterback before the Boo Birds in Philly send him off the field?

KANSAS CITY (-7.5) over San Diego

Big spread? Big deal. San Diego looked old and tired last year, and the Chiefs may have had the best defense in the AFC last year that wasn’t located on top of a mountain.

SEATTLE (-7.5) over Miami

Similar argument here. The Seahawks are better on both offense and defense, and I think Ryan Tannehill spends a lot of time looking up at the sky in this one.

DALLAS (-4) over New York Giants

Tony Romo’s been getting ready to eliminate his frustration for almost a year now. The Giants will be his first victim. Oh, and hello to Ezekiel Elliott. My prediction? He breaks 150 yards in his debut.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Detroit

Andrew Luck returns from a kidney laceration to kick butt all over this field. Sam Bradford will try to find Golden Tate, but this will be the first of 16 games in which a double team keeps Tate out of sight.

ARIZONA (+1) over New England

The defending NFC West champion Cardinals are a home underdog against a Patriots team starting a backup quarterback? Really? Bet now.

Monday, September 12

Pittsburgh (-2.5) over WASHINGTON

Kirk Cousins, meet the Steeler defensive line. Then watch Ben Roethlisberger lead his team up and down the field.

SAN FRANCISCO (-2.5) over Los Angeles

I’ve flip-flopped on this game about ten times. But if Colin Kaepernick is happy and motivated, and the defense is interested at all, doesn’t Jared Goff spend this game running for his life?