Updated NFL Odds to Win the NFC – January 2nd Edition

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Take a look the NFL odds to win the NFC.

Updated NFL Odds to Win the NFC – January 2nd Edition

New Orleans Saints +120

The New Orleans Saints have the best odds to reach the Super Bowl from the NFC with +120 odds. They get a first-round bye week which obviously helps, but they also have a veteran quarterback and a head coach who has been there before. Of the teams in the playoffs, only the Patriots, Eagles, and Seahawks have that going for them.

Los Angeles Rams +200

The Rams have been regarded as the most dynamic and talented team of the bunch which is why they received +200 odds to make it to the big dance by way of the NFC Championship. Coach McVey and Todd Gurley have been nearly unstoppable this season. His only enemy at this point is his own playcalling. When he abandons the running game, they don’t tend to do too well.

Chicago Bears +400

With perhaps the most dominating defense remaining, the Bears come in with +400 odds. Even when resting starters in the second half of last week’s game, they still seemed to have a swagger about them that cannot be overlooked. They are on a roll and we all know that going into the playoffs hot can be the difference that is needed to make a deep playoff run. Mitch Trubisky must eliminate costly mistakes and they need to rely on their rushing attack and a stubborn defense to get them past the top teams in the NFC.

Dallas Cowboys +1200

The Cowboys didn’t seem a likely playoff team for much of the season, but when they got Amari Cooper, it all changed for them. Cooper has brought a confidence to Dallas and an ability to score on home run plays that they lacked before. Because of this, the Cowboys come in with +1200 odds, but they may be the most inconsistent team remaining in the NFC. Dak Prescott still hasn’t quieted his critics and in his last game, they nearly lost due to some costly miscues including an errant overthrow to a wide open receiver in the red zone. Those types of mistakes will keep the ‘Boys from advancing past the early rounds.

Seattle Seahawks +1500

Seattle is hot right now. They have the league’s best rushing attack and a quarterback that makes few mistakes. As with the Saints, the combination of a veteran quarterback that has been in the super bowl and a head coach who has been there before can help Seattle tremendously.

The Seahawks are no favorites at the NFL Odds to win the NFC.

They come in with +1500 odds to come out of the NFC bracket. They have few pieces left from their super bowl runs, but Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson make two of the very best captains to rely on, not to mention their talent on the field.

Philadelphia Eagles +2000

The Eagles needed a bit of help to make it into the playoffs, but now they are in and that is all that matters. Nick Foles willed his team to the postseason and with it +2000 odds to come out of it alive to face the AFC Champion in the Super Bowl. It is so tough to repeat as champion, but they have a chance to do it. Foles did leave his last game with a rib injury and Nate Sudfeld came in as they mopped up the game with the Redskins, but don’t expect him to do so against the top talent in the NFC playoffs.

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