Updated 2016 Season Win Total Predictions for Every Team

Posted by Aaron . on August 22, 2016 in

Now that we’re going into the second week of preseason action, some of the fortunes of your NFL teams are becoming clearer while others are becoming a little more nebulous. One of the more fun NFL props is to guess how many games a particular team will win and see where your prediction sits in relation to the over/under lines that the sports books have set. Let’s take a look at the latest NFL betting predictions.

Let’s Take a Look at the Updated 2016 Season Win Total Predictions for Every Team

NFC East

Dallas (12-4), Washington (9-7), Philadelphia (8-8), New York Giants (6-10)

After watching Dak Prescott play quarterback in the first two weeks of the preseason, I think Dallas might be able to win the East even if Romo goes down to injury again. He has a strong, accurate arm, and he can move the ball with his feet too.

NFC North

Minnesota (11-5), Green Bay (10-6), Chicago (8-8), Detroit (5-11)

A lot of people like the Packers to win this division and maybe push that total up to 13 or 14 wins. I think the Vikings have taken a big step by winning the division last year, and Adrian Peterson still has something to prove after that awful loss to Seattle in the playoffs. There’s also the fact that Teddy Bridgewater has another year of experience running an NFL offense, including that huge Week 17 win at Lambeau Field.

NFC West

Arizona (13-3), Seattle (11-5), Los Angeles (7-9), San Francisco (3-13)

To be honest, I could see Seattle and Arizona flip-flopping here. It just depends how confident Carson Palmer comes out to start the season, and whether Thomas Rawls can fill the giant shoes of Marshawn Lynch in the Seahawk backfield.

NFC South

Carolina (14-2), Atlanta (12-4), Tampa Bay (9-7), New Orleans (4-12)

I like Atlanta to find a bit of that magic that had them start 5-0 and then beat Carolina later in the season, and build that into a more stable identity as they contend for a wild card in the NFC.

AFC East

New England (11-5), New York Jets (10-6), Miami (8-8), Buffalo (6-10)

Here I’m assuming that Jimmy Garoppolo leads the Patriots to a 2-2 record during Tom Brady’s four game suspension. If the Pats win more, then that total could get up to 13.

AFC North

Cincinnati (10-6), Pittsburgh (9-7), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (7-9)

I love what the Browns are doing with RGIII, but if that learning curve is too high for him or if the Browns don’t block for him, that total could slide down to 4 or 5.

AFC West

Oakland (10-6), Kansas City (10-6), Denver (9-7), San Diego (3-13)

I’m excited about this Raiders team, with the energy that Derek Carr and Amari Cooper bring to the offense — and the ravenous pass rush. In Denver, Mark Sanchez is having a hard time winning the starting quarterback job against a no-name backup.

AFC South

Indianapolis (11-5), Jacksonville (9-7), Houston (8-8), Tennessee (6-10)

If Jacksonville gets off to a hot start while Andrew Luck’s recovery sputters, these top two teams could easily switch.