Top Betting Odds and Picks for 2016 NFL Week 6

Posted by Aaron . on May 27, 2016 in

Five Weeks down, 11 more weeks to go. Here are our early top betting odds and picks for NFL Week 6, basing the NFL betting analysis on the online sportsbook lines released by CG Technology a little over one month ago.

Top Betting Odds and Picks for 2016 NFL Week 6



Denver (-3) at San Diego, Thursday, October 13

NFL Week 6 Pick: San Diego (+3)

Historically-speaking, Denver has dominated this divisional fixture over the recent years, winning the last five overall games against the Chargers and 9 of their last 10 overall encounters. With such an impressive record, it sounds silly to expect Denver to lose this game. Fortunately for San Diego, Denver no longer has Peyton Manning (and Brock Osweiler), something that changes the entire scope of this clash. As things stand, Philip Rivers is the best QB in the AFC West and that will swing a lot of value to San Diego in this game. Add to the fact that San Diego often plays its best games at home; I’d expect the Chargers to play much better than they did in the 17-3 home loss to Denver last season, allowing the home team to cover the point spread in this game or even winning the game straight up.

Philadelphia at Washington (-3), Sunday, October 16

NFL Week 6 Pick: Washington (-3)

Remind me again; how comes the Redskins are not favored by at least a touchdown in this game? This is utter disrespect and a big undervaluing of Washington’s worth. The Redskins were among the best home teams last season (with a 6-2 SU record) and QB Kirk Cousins showed that he is no longer the erratic QB he was in the past. Against a Philadelphia team that was terrible in 2015 (despite having tons of talents) and has now lost more of its key pieces in the offseason, expect Washington to cruise an emphatic win, possibly by double-digits.

Jacksonville at Chicago (-3.5), Sunday, October 16

NFL Week 6 Pick: Chicago (-3.5)

If their offseason moves are anything to go by, the Jags will be an improved unit. But there is no way on earth I see John Fox allowing the Bears to drop this game. Chicago was a solid unit and had the team finished the season as strongly as it started the year, the Bears would have easily made the playoffs. Jay Cutler, Kevin White and Chicago’s offense will neutralize anything thrown at them by Blake Bortles and Co., while the Bears’ 20th-ranked scoring defense from last season looks likely to play better. With that, a comfy Chicago win should be the best pick here, barring any calamitous injuries for the Bears.

Dallas at Green Bay (-6), Sunday, October 16

NFL Week 6 Pick: Green Bay (-6)

I am all for those talks and predictions about Dallas having an improved season after injuries derailed the Cowboys’ run in 2015. I am just not sure if the Cowboys have it in them to upset the Green Bay team that is 5-0 over Dallas in the last five overall meetings. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant will take advantage of Green Bay’s rebuilding defense, but in the end; Aaron Rodgers and his plethora of offensive weapons, including star WR Jordy Nelson (who posted 98 catches, 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2014 before sitting out of their entire 2015 season due to injury), will show their class to win this game rather handily.