Top Betting Odds and Picks for 2016 NFL Week 16

Posted by Aaron . on June 5, 2016 in

Looking for the early online betting picks for the penultimate week of the 2016 NFL season? Look no further, as we got it all covered for you below with our top NFL betting odds and picks for 2016 Week 16.

Top Betting Odds and Picks for 2016 NFL Week 16



Tampa Bay at New Orleans Saints (-2.5), Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: New Orleans Saints (-2.5)

In their two meetings last season the Bucs and Saints split their meetings, each one of them winning on the road by 7 points. If you asked me, though, I’d say the Saints were largely better in both meetings, failing to control the clock and sweep the series due to their defensive mishaps. Given the defensive improvements made by the Saints in the offseason, I’d expect the Saints to return to their dominant self, especially at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome that has been a fortress for the team in the previous seasons. Predictably, Tampa Bay will be an equally improved unit (and will probably give a strong show in this game), but the Saints should have the eventual edge. This is not just because of better weapons at New Orleans’ disposal, but also due to the supremacy the Saints have had in this series, winning 8 of the previous 9 overall games against Tampa Bay (including 4 of the last five at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome).

New York Jets at New England (-6.5), Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: New England (-6.5)

Betting trends in this series indicate that home teams tend to dominate or play well at home than on the road. Case-and-point, the Jets have won two of their last three regular-season meetings against the Pats at the MetLife Stadium, with the lone home loss being an oh-so-close 17-16 defeat in 2014. The Patriots, on the other hand, have won their last seven straight home regular-season meetings against the Jets, with the last regular-season loss to the Jets at the Gillette Stadium being a 34-31 defeat in November 2008, a game that had to be decided in overtime after a stalemate in regulation time. With that pattern in mind, New England should be your preferred pick in this game for the win plus the coverable point-spread.

Tennessee at Jacksonville (-4.5), Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: Jacksonville (-4.5)

Dating back to the start of the 2006 NFL season, the Jaguars and Titans have religiously split this divisional series, alternating between home and road wins, with none of them sweeping the other in the 10-year span. And going by their rather comparable offseason investments, this trend looks to hold true in the upcoming season. So, if you really want the best pick for this Week 16 game, be on the lookout for the winner of their alternate Week 8 fixture on Thursday, October 8, and then pick against the winner of that match in this Week 16 matchup. But if you are looking for an early pick, then go with Jacksonville for the win here, considering both teams have won their respective home games for the last two straight seasons while losing on the road.

Minnesota at Green Bay, Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: Green Bay (-4.5)

I am big fan of the Packers and, until further notice; I will keep on insisting that 2014 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on the planet. Sadly, though, the truth is that Green Bay’s defense—even with constant investments on that side of the ball—has been a major disappointment, often costing the Packers when it matters most in big games. In turn, this often opens a loophole to be exploited by teams that can capitalize on this weakness, as has been done by a team like Seattle in recent years. The Vikings aren’t that daunting offensively, but they did exploit that weakness in their last trip to the Lambeau; something they could do once again, given an opportunity. So, I’ll repeat that Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL and the return of his top 2014 target Jordy Nelson will make Green Bay’s offense an envy of many in the league, but until further notice; I’ll advice you to be extremely cautious when betting on the Packers in big games that involve opponents like Minnesota that are endowed skill-wise to exploit Green Bay’s defensive deficiencies. Note: Green Bay is 6-1 SU in its last 7 home games (regular season and playoffs) against Minnesota.

Cincinnati at Houston, Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: Houston (+1)

It really is no secret that winning games in the regular season is never a problem for Cincinnati, no wonder the Linesmakers have the Bengals as early NFL betting road favorites over Houston. And in truth, all it will take is for QB Andy Dalton to be in his regular-season element for the Bengals to win this game. But that will only happen if Houston allows them to do so. On a good day, Houston’s pass-rushing unit can be your worst nightmare, closing down the passer and hunting down his targets on every single play. And on top of that, the Texans have something they haven’t had in a long while—an above-average QB in Brock Osweiler who is surrounded by solid offensive aerial and ground weapons. Given that Osweiler is very good at making reads and grinding out the clock, he is likely to be a perfect fit for Houston’s conservative game, allowing his defense to frustrate Cincy as he plans on befitting offensive formula with his weapons. It would therefore not be surprising if the home-playing Texans, who have won five of their last six overall games against Cincy (including a 10-6 win last season), execute their plans successfully to claim an upset win in this clash as narrow home dogs.

Arizona at Seattle (-3.5), Saturday, December 24

NFL Week 16 Pick: Seattle (-3.5)

Though the Seahawks have had more success in the last three or so years of this series, history indicates that the two teams have met each other 34 times in their all-time series, with Arizona winning 17 games and Seattle also winning 17 games, underscoring the divisiveness in this series. And as we’d mentioned in our 2016 NFL Week 7 preview of the reverse fixture of this encounter, we strongly feel that the two teams will split their two-game series in 2016,with each one of them winning at home, unlike in 2015 when they both won as road teams. Sticking to that argument, the Seahawks are therefore our pick here for both the win and points.