Top NFL ATS Picks for Week 2

Posted by Peter Boysen on September 13, 2016 in

We learned a lot from Week 1 of the NFL’s 2016 campaign — and Week 2 is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about your NFL betting already. We learned that the Patriots and the Vikings might not miss Tom Brady and Teddy Bridgewater nearly as much as we thought, and that it really might not matter who the Broncos roll out at quarterback, as Trevor Siemian was able to outduel Cam Newton with that Denver supporting cast behind him. We learned that even when the Dallas defense gets plenty of rest, they still can’t stop teams that are intent on scoring, and we learned that Seattle might just never start seasons out strong again. Oh, and don’t forget that Jameis Winston is already a beast. Now let’s look at some ATS picks for you in Week 2. Home teams are in all caps.

Top NFL ATS Picks for Week 2

WASHINGTON (-3.5) over Dallas

You can’t put the Cowboys’ Week 1 loss on quarterback Dak Prescott. Last year, the Cowboys displayed an ironclad defense…until late in the fourth quarter, when team after team would lead a sustained drive and steal a win, or a punt would clang off the Boys’ deep receiver and into the hands of the punting team. Against the Giants, the Cowboys got long drive after long drive, and Prescott looked like anything but a rookie, but Dez couldn’t hold onto a touchdown pass, that vaunted O-line couldn’t open up a single hole for a running back, and the team kept having to kick field goals. Meanwhile, the Cowboy defense made Giants running back Shane Vereen look like an All-Pro, because they decided they didn’t need to wrap up on tackles in the middle of the field. Even without seeing Washington’s opener, I’d pick them to win at home, so I can sit back and watch Kirk Cousins slice and dice that Cowboys secondary while highly paid cornerbacks Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr get torched again.

N.Y. GIANTS (-4.5) over New Orleans

I’m pretty proud of that Week 1 pick I made about the Saints falling at home, and now that they have to leave the Superdome and take on a Giant offense that has more quality receivers (Victor Cruz AND Odell Beckham, Jr.) and an offense line that does a better job protecting the passer than the Raiders’, I like the Giants to cruise in this one. The Giants play better defense in their secondary than the Raiders do, so you won’t see New Orleans cracking 30 points again this week. One point in common, though, is that you’ll see the Giants hitting big passes down the field against the Saint back four.

CAROLINA (-13.5) over San Francisco

I was bullish on the Panthers going into Denver, and they just came up short. However, the 49ers aren’t playing on the same planet as Denver right now. If the NFL had the risk of relegation like the English Premier League, San Francisco would be on the bubble. Blaine Gabbert doesn’t have nearly the same terrific team around him that Bronco quarterback Trevor Siemian did, and the 49ers will be heading three time zones to the east — and facing that stubborn jet lag — to face an angry, embarrassed Panther team. My prediction is Blowout City.