Sure Over/Under NFL Picks for the 2016 Season

Posted by Aaron . on June 13, 2016 in

Which teams are offering the best value sportsbooks picks for your 2016 NFL regular season win total online betting? Join us as we take you through our top OVER/UNDER Picks for the 2016 NFL Season…

Sure Over/Under NFL Picks for the 2016 Season




Arizona Cardinals OVER 9.5

What do the Cardinals have to do to get some respect around here? I mean, this is a team that won 10 games in 2013, 11 games in 2014 (despite missing their starting QB Carson Palmer for the entire second half of the season) and 13 games in 2015 (second-best in the NFC), yet their total for 2016 is set at 9.5. Yes, Palmer is aging and father time could catch up with him anytime soon while his performances at the playoffs left a lot to be desired. But last I checked, the Cardinals were one of two teams with a top five offense and defense in 2015, along with Seattle, and the majority of the pieces from both sides of the ball are fully fit and back for another season; meaning strong production should continue on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile, to solve Arizona’s biggest challenge last season the pass rush department, coach Bruce Arians smartly traded for bendy three-down edge rusher Chandler Jones and drafted a super-talented 3-technique guy in first-round pick Robert Nkemdiche. With Jones and Nkemdiche in the picture, you can be sure that Arizona will do better than the 36 sacks they collected last season. As for Palmer, well, he has tons of weapons to support him in the offense, including a very solid running game. And in the event that Palmer proves inefficient, which is highly doubtable anyway, Drew Stanton should be a solid backup in his place. With that, we strongly believe the Cardinals should be good for a fourth-straight double-digit win season.

New England Patriots, OVER 10.5

Missing Tom Brady for 4 games will unquestionably affect the Patriots, but we just don’t see it dragging the Patriots below 11 wins. If Brady doe miss the first four games, Jimmy Garropolo should be able to lead the Pats to a 3-1 or 2-2 mark in the first four games against Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo. Then, once Brady returns, normalcy should resume, with New England at least going 9-3 or better, going by their manageable schedule in the remaining 12 games. And did we say that the Patriots loaded up the roster with solid weapons in the O-line and D-line that should buttress their rather shaky defense from last season? Well, there’s that too. Add that to the stellar coaching of Bill Belichick, who has proven capable of outmaneuvering nearly anything thrown at him and his team; the Pats should be a lock for 11 or 12 wins. Oh, and keep in mind that Brady could still win his court battles, like he did last year, allowing him to play for the whole season.


Buffalo Bills, UNDER 8

It’s a make-or-break season for Coach Rex Ryan, who will most likely lose his job if Buffalo misses the playoffs, so you can expect the former New York Jets coach to be fueled-up in a fight for his job. As per his coaching pedigree and the positive season he had with the Bills last season, there is indeed hope that 2016 could be a big year for Buffalo. But as a concern, the Bills will be playing in the tough AFC East division that features teams that are all expected to finish the year with around 8-or-more wins, with the Pats, Jets and Dolphins all looking to have big seasons. This, in part, is the reason the Bills have a considerably tough schedule on the year, ranked 10 in the league. Besides the schedule challenges, the Bills have roster concerns at QB, as Tyrod Taylor is unhappy with his salary while the inexperienced duo of EJ Manuel and Cardale Jones are likely to have a tough time into becoming dependable starters. So, even if their defense will continue to play well, it’s hard to see much improvement from Buffalo. UNDER 8 wins therefore looks most likely for the Bills in 2016.

New York Jets, UNDER 8

The Jets are took full advantage of playing one of the five easiest ranked schedules in 2015 to collect 10 wins, barely missing the playoffs in the process. Besides their schedule, Ryan Fitzpatrick proved to be huge for the Jets under the center, with the defense also chipping in quite handily. All that looks to change in 2016, as Fitzpatrick is still playing ping pong with his contract, with latest reports suggesting he could decide to bail out of New York if the Jets don’t meet his demands. This means the battle at the center is between Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, for now. Petty has reportedly improved in the OTAs, which is good news if he does make it through the offseason as the 2016 starter. But if Smith (a highly likely pick as starting QB because of his experience) or Hackenberg is chosen, then be sure of a disappointing season in New York, given Smith’s history and Hackenberg’s inexperience. Oh, and don’t forget that Petty’s inexperience could cost him as well. Defensively, Muhammad Wilkerson’s contract is up in the air as well, something that could turn be a challenge for their defensive line if the situation isn’t resolved. Then, of course, we the Jets won’t be having it easy in their schedule, as they will be playing their 7th-toughest schedule in 2016, including four challenging road games in their first six games to start the season. If all that doesn’t smell of a highly-likely UNDER 8 wins for you, then feel free to risk dangerously on the OVER side.