Sure Losers for 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1

Posted by Derrick Harper on August 8, 2018 in

The 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1 is just around the corner, so let’s check which teams are in disadvantage according to the latest odds.

Sure Losers for 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay

I like the depth of the Packers quarterback room and their coach is creative enough to place his offense in positions to win. Their lack of depth at linebacker scares me slightly, but that defensive line is stout enough and deep enough to cause problems.

The Titans have a new coach who will be willing to gamble to try to force a win in his first game with the team to happen, but I feel their offense will fall short without Mariota at the wheel, ultimately leaving the Packers victorious.

Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The talent lost there in Miami versus what was brought back in is oddly lopsided for an NFL team. The Dolphins were clear sellers last year and their depth charts took a beating. I think the Buccaneers, although far from the best team in the league, run away with this one.

I feel they have enough pieces at critical positions, enough depth, and a fanbase that desperately wants to see Dirk Koetter show them he can produce wins for their team. That can be enough of a concoction of ingredients to deliver a win in the preseason.

Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks

The Colts are a mess currently. They don’t have solid running back depth, wide receiver depth or tight end depth, which is where points come from in this league. The only solid production I see from this game will be from Adam Vinatieri if they can get close enough for attempts to put it between the uprights.

The Seahawks have been the talk of the league in terms of rapid decline, but that doesn’t mean the Colts haven’t been bad for a while. The Seahawks get the win due to coaching pedigree and team depth.

Baltimore Ravens vs. LA Rams

We saw a tough fought game between the Ravens and Bears in the Hall of Fame game, which may give the edge to the Ravens simply because of the rust factor, but I see the Rams out to prove something. A young head coach with McVay’s reputation will come out firing.

The Ravens have a tough test in the 2018 NFL Preseason Week 1.

A lot of new, shiny pieces are on that roster too to check out. The Los Angeles Rams were a great team last year and this offseason, they got better by adding depth. Look for them to put together a much better showing than the Chicago Bears did nearly a week ago.

New England Patriots vs. Washington Redskins

Over the years, Alex Smith has given the Patriots fits. Although Smith likely won’t even suit up for this contest, look for his presence to be felt. The Patriots without Brady will be a mediocre team- a well-coached mediocre team, but still a mediocre team.

The defense lacks the depth of a traditional New England roster, and the offense is not much better off. They let go of two wide receivers this week in Jordan Matthews and Malcolm Mitchell. Add that to the loss of Brandin Cooks and this receiving corp is very thin, affording the redskins to focus on stopping the running backs, a position the Patriots do still have depth at.