Super Bowl LIV – Three Reasons to Bet the Over

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 28, 2020 in

Welcome to your final shot at winning some money this NFL season, Super Bowl LIV. The Kansas City Chiefs make their first appearance in the big game since 1970, when they defeated the Vikings. The 49ers return after a 7 year absence, but haven’t won the title game since 1995, with Steve Young under center.

Not only will Hard Rock Stadium be crammed full of Chiefs and Niners fans, but also full of bettors that are terrified of the narrow 2 point spread in Kansas City’s favor. If you’re one who would like to avoid the spread or maybe hedge it with the over/under, here are three reasons you should lay it on the over.

Why might you need assistance in making the decision on the over? Well, the NFL’s over/under record on the regular season is 128-126-2 in favor of the over. You might as well flip a coin…or you can check out some of these facts and stats. MyBookie has the over/under set at 55 for the big game.

Super Bowl LIV – Three Reasons to Bet the Over

#1. Patrick Mahomes

That’s it. That’s reason number one. The guy who has been a statistical anomaly since entering the league, not to mention the NFL’s MVP from a season ago.

Mahomes has thrown for 615 yards, rushed for 106, and has nine total touchdowns in the playoffs. Mahomes is averaging over 7 yards per rushing attempt and 8.8 yards per completion. Vaunted defense or not, the 49ers won’t be able to stop this man.

#2. High Octane Offenses

Both the 49ers and the Chiefs rank in the top 3 in the league in scoring offense. San Fran at number two and KC at number three, averaging 30.2 and 29.8 points per game respectively.

Simple addition gives you 60 points if they score their average, 60 wins. Over their last three games, the Chiefs have averaged an astounding 39 points. The Niners have put up 30, once again, way more than enough.

#3. Recent History

Over the last ten Super Bowls, seven have went to the over. Obviously last season threw everyone for a loop, but still it’s been over 70% of the time over the last ten years.

The Patriots and Falcons battle in Super Bowl LI beat a total of 57.5 for the over, to the demise of Falcons fans and under bettors everywhere.

NFL teams like to put on a show in the big show, and these two teams have shown the propensity to run the score up when they need to. They’ll need to on February 2nd.

High (Scoring) Hopes for Super Bowl LIV

We will leave you with this stat that you can call an honorable mention to this list. Kansas City ranked 25th in the league in opponents rushing yards per game this season. Raheem Mostert just ran for 220 and 4 scores on the Packers, who ranked 26th.

So there you have it, that is why you should stake your claim on the over bet in the game of games. If you can’t trust the spread or the under, hit up the over.

Or you can live dangerously and go lean on some prop bets. Head over to MyBookie and get your money on the big game.