Updated Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds – December 31st

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The Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, and the Buffalo Bills all are playing on wildcard weekend and were the last teams to make it into the playoffs. As a result they represent the true longshots with the best odds among the group only being given +4000 chances to win the Super Bowl. The Titans have been one of the hottest teams in football down the stretch and if you are looking to pick the team of this group that could go the furthest that value would be found in Tennessee.

Updated Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds – December 31st

Long Odds but Still a Chance

The Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks are both currently listed at +2800 in their pursuit of the title. Both of these teams have shown an ability to make a run despite not being the favorites during their championship seasons only a few years ago while under the same regimes.

The Seahawks are the one to watch from this group as Russell Wilson is particularly tough to beat this time of the year and should not be counted out as a result.

Veteran QB led teams

The Green Bay Packers and the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots are both being given +1000 odds despite having two of the best QBs in the league. Green Bay will host most of their games as they are the second seed in the NFC so watch out for them to potentially make a run given the level of difficulty Lambeau presents. The Patriots are always a mainstay this time of the year and should still prove to be a tough out.

AFC Contenders

The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs have been the two best teams in their conference all year and are being given +220 and +375 odds respectively.

They are led by the young MVPs Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes in what will be a great showcase of their talent. These two met in week four of the season in a game that the Chiefs won 33-28. The Ravens have not lost a game since that matchup.

NFC Contenders

The San Francisco 49ers +400 and the New Orleans Saints +600 are the class of the NFC and played one of the best games of the season when they previously met. The final score ended up 48-46 victory for the Niners on a last second field goal that was the difference. The 49ers will have the advantage due to home field which is crucial considering how well the Saints play at home.

If you were to pick a team from each conference then the smart money is on the Saints +600 and the Ravens +275 as both have been red hot, have excellent QB play, and stellar defenses to turn opponents away if needed in a big game. Get ready for what should be a riveting NFL playoffs.