Super Bowl 53 Odds: First Look at the Prop Bets for the New England Patriots

Posted by Aaron . on January 30, 2019 in

One of the most basic prop bets each year is who will win the MVP award. All sportsbooks will offer odds, although some will offer more player options than others. For our purposes, Bovada is offering odds on 41 players for Super Bowl 53. Quarterbacks have taken home the award 29 times, including 13 of the past 20. Over the past nine years, quarterbacks have taken home seven of the honors, with linebackers claiming the other two. Insider linebacker Malcolm Smith won the award at Super Bowl 48 and edge rusher Von Miller claimed the award at Super Bowl 50.

Given the unlikelihood of a losing player winning the award, your first decision is who will win. If you think the Patriots will win Super Bowl 53, your best sleeper bet might be Rob Gronkowski. He opened at 50-1 odds, but early money has pushed him down to 40-1. Gronk was targeted a season-high 11 times against the Chiefs. Another solid bet could be Sony Michel, who has been a workhorse for the Patriots in their last two playoff games or the hero of overtime himself, Rex Burkhead.

Super Bowl 53 Odds: First Look at the Prop Bets for the New England Patriots

Coach Bill

Here’s another fun one. What color will Bill Belichick wear to the game? We know the Patriots jerseys will be their road whites, but the odds, so far, are suggesting that Belichick will wear blue.


Another fun one revolves around the rushing attack of both teams. How about this one? A prop bet exists predicting that the Patriots offensive line gives up less than 1.5 sacks in the game. The offensive line of New England has been the best in the business at adjusted sack ratio this season. If you think they can outperform the talented Rams defensive unit, place your bet! One prop bet lets the bettor pick which team will have more first downs in the game.

The Patriots are favorites to win Super Bowl 53.

This season, the Rams have the most first downs achieved in the league, so obviously they are favored in this prop. Watch out though, as the Patriots have been sneaky good in this stat category as their season closed and they focused on shorter routes and fewer plays downfield. They’ve also found a more reliable running game as of late. That brings me to the next prop bet.

Running Back Competition

Will Todd Gurley outrush Sony Michel? This one is a favorite of mine because in the Rams’ last game, Gurley saw less action than usual and in New England’s last few games, Michel has seen more action than usual. So, in other words, you are guessing on the fundamental coaching strategy of each team as well as who will be the predicted lead holder going into the last drives.

If the Patriots are losing by a touchdown or less with a minute or less in the game, Michel likely won’t get any carries at the end of the game, but if they get the ball with time left and the lead, he will get to pad some yardage stats. You get where I’m going here. There’s more to these than meets the eye.