Super Bowl 53 Money Line Betting Pick

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 29, 2019 in

When the Patriots take on the Rams on Sunday in Super Bowl 53, you can bet in any number of ways. You can choose to bet a straight up winner, against the spread, or with the points total, but one of the easiest ways to bet on sporting events is the money line. The money line is developed by Vegas bookmakers based on the trends of NFL Betting and information at their fingertips.

Super Bowl 53 Money Line Betting Pick

Betting Line

Currently, at the Sportsbook, the Patriots money line sits at -139 while the Rams is +115. This means you would need to wager $139 on the Pats to win $100, whereas a $100 bet on the Rams would net $115. Understanding the money line is important to shape your bet. The fact that the money line is negative for the Patriots indicates that they are the favorite in the bet. A bettor must risk more to win less by placing a bet on the Patriots.

However, if the Patriots are the clear selection, by no means should the bettor decide to not bet, even if the money line is negative. With that said, the opportunistic bettor, if the feeling conviction for the underdog, in this case, the Rams, can make more money with less if he or she successfully predicts a win by the underdog.


In this instance, the money line is explained based on what the bettor would walk away with if he or she placed a $100 bet on each given team.

The Patriots are favorites to win Super Bowl 53.

On top of that, the bettor can place parlay bets to maximize his or her purse, or winnings. Say, for instance, the bettor places a bet of $100 on the Patriots to win, but also to cover the spread, well, he or she would net more than $139 if that prediction were true. The more complex or the more contingencies, the higher the purse, but coincidentally, so too is the risk associated with the bet itself.

Betting Pick for Super Bowl 53

I, personally, think the Patriots are just too crafty, too driven, too motivated, and too experienced to lose two Super bowls in a row. They are one of only a very few to even reach the Super Bowl in back to back years. Keep in mind that Brady will be playing in his ninth Super Bowl of his career.

Most players don’t ever get the opportunity to play in one. Hall of Fame level players might not ever get the chance to hold one Lombardi trophy, yet the Patriots dynasty has now spread 18 years and nine Super Bowls. The Rams are an entertaining team full of talent, but I think they may just be a year early.

Their quarterback play and linebacker play just don’t have me sold on them. If they had pulled the trigger to get Khalil Mack or Amari Cooper, maybe, but they need another superstar to compete with the likes of Brady and Belichick, especially with two weeks to prepare. I like the Patriots to win and to cover the spread by a score of 31- 24.