Super Bowl 53 Favorites, Smart Picks and Dark Horses

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Super Bowl 52 is done and over with. Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles as they topped the New England Patriots in an epic football game. Now, we turn to the next season in the National Football League, and the first future bet we look at is the odds to win Super Bowl 53. Let’s take a look at Super Bowl 53 Favorites, Smart Picks and Dark Horses.

Super Bowl 53 Favorites, Smart Picks and Dark Horses

Super Bowl 53 Favorites

New England Patriots 5/1

Of course, the Patriots are here. Plenty of question marks, including their 41-year-old quarterback in the mix. The Patriots are the team to beat out of the AFC until someone knocks them off.

Pittsburgh Steelers 8/1

The second best odds belong to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Le’Veon Bell coming back should happen, but there are some doubts. This is an interesting bet, is the value good enough for Pittsburgh at 8/1?

Philadelphia Eagles 10/1

The Eagles are the defending champions. Carson Wentz or Nick Foles is the question. Other than that – this team is pretty loaded. The Eagles will face a charging Dallas Cowboys team next year in the division, no doubt.

Minnesota Vikings 10/1

The Vikings also have a quarterback controversy. Three quarterbacks on the roster at the end of Super Bowl 52. Which will be back for the start of the 2018 season? It should be an interesting offseason for the Vikings.
Super Bowl 53 Smart Picks

Los Angeles Rams 18/1

Now that the Rams have tasted the postseason, is 2018 when they turn the corner and win in the postseason? It’s a talented team, and they now have some more experience. At 18/1, that’s a pretty smart value pick.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20/1

Got to keep in mind that this is the same Jaguars team that went to the AFC title game. At 20/1, that’s not great respect for a team that was a win away from the Super Bowl. Jacksonville’s defense is a scary unit to face.

The Jaguars are among the favorites to reach and win Super Bowl 53.

Super Bowl 53 Longshots

Indianapolis Colts 40/1

Andrew Luck should be back, and the Colts will have a new head coach. Can they piece things together in the off-season and get to where they thought they would be two seasons ago?

Denver Broncos 40/1

There will be changes in Denver this offseason. This was one of the most disappointing teams in all of the league a season ago. Kirk Cousins in as the starting quarterback, or who will it be in 2018?

There is a look at the odds to win Super Bowl 53. We gave you a look at the Super Bowl 53 favorites, the smart picks and also the dark horses. We expect another great National Football league season, and we want to make sure we have the best bets available for Super Bowl 53. Best of luck with all your future betting!