Super Bowl 51 Props for Sacks, Interceptions and Fumbles

Posted by Peter Boysen on February 3, 2017 in

As you plan your betting strategy for Super Bowl LI, you need to take all of those prop bets into account. Some of them border on the silly (Will Lady Gaga have a wardrobe malfunction? How long will Luke Bryan’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” last? What kind of necktie will Joe Buck wear?) there are a lot that have to do with the job that players do on the field. On the defensive side of the ball, props that cover sacks, interceptions and fumbles add some interest for things other than point totals, field goals and touchdowns. Take a look at some of the Super Bowl 51 props you can bet for the defense and decide whether they work for you.

Super Bowl 51 Props for Sacks, Interceptions and Fumbles

Total Sacks By Both Teams

Over 4.0 — EVEN

Under 4.0 -120

The Atlanta Falcons did get 15.5 sacks from defensive end Vic Beasley Jr. during the season, but he has none in the postseason. The Falcons did rush Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers in the postseason, though, so some sacks are definitely possible. The Falcons have delivered five sacks in the playoffs and permitted three; the Patriots have delivered three and permitted four. Those averages fall in line nicely with that sack total, but I like both quarterbacks to be cognizant of the need to get rid of the ball quickly, so here I’m taking the under.

Will Tom Brady throw an interception?

Yes +150

No -170

Brady does have four picks in his six Super Bowl appearances, most recently in Super Bowl XLIX. The Falcons can put on the type of pass rush that forces him into quick decisions, and that is when he is mostly likely to throw a pick. Because of that pass rush and the solid coverage that the Falcons can provide, I’m taking “Yes” on this wager.

Will Matt Ryan throw an interception?

Yes -135

No +115

I like the Patriots to throw a mix of coverages at the Falcons in this game, but I’m not as impressed with that Patriot pass rush. In his last six games, Ryan has 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions, and I like him to keep that streak intact in the Super Bowl. I’m taking “No” on this wager.

Total Interceptions by Both Teams

Over 1.5 -135

Under 1.5 +115

I think Tom Brady will throw one, but I don’t think Matt Ryan will throw any. Even an aggressive Patriot defense will have a hard time forcing mistakes out of Ryan. So if Brady keeps a clean sheet too, the “under” is the way to go either way.

Total Fumbles Lost by Both Teams

Over 1.5 +155

Under 1.5 -175

New England has a +2 turnover differential for the postseason, and Atlanta has a +4. Both teams preach ball security, and I like that trend to continue.