Super Bowl 51 Moneyline Betting Pick

Posted by Peter Boysen on February 1, 2017 in

The battle between New England and Atlanta in Super Bowl LI is a contest between a team trying to add to its gloried reputation as a dynasty and a team still seeking a seat at the table of the league’s elite franchises. Both teams delivered routs in their respective conference championships, and both have been scoring upwards of 30 points per game for weeks now. This is also a matchup between two quarterbacks — Tom Brady and Matt Ryan — playing at the top of their games right now. The moneyline sits at New England (-150) and Atlanta (+135). Which side should you take? Check out our expert Super Bowl 51 betting research and advice.

Super Bowl 51 Moneyline Betting Pick

Why should you go with Atlanta (+135)?

In their last eight games, Atlanta has scored 300 points. In their two playoff games, they have put up 80 points combined. They ran off 31 points against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship before the Packers even scored a single point. Their offense has so much talent at every spot that it is hard to shut the whole thing down. There’s Taylor Gabriel, a threat to burn you deep down the sideline on a Matt Ryan bomb. There’s Julio Jones, who makes huge grabs all over the field. There’s Mohamed Sanu, the possession receiver who catches big passes over the middle. In the backfield there are Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman, both of whom have both speed and power. So while the Patriots did have the league’s best scoring defense (15.6 points per game in the regular season), there’s no reason to think that Atlanta can’t score in bunches.

Why should you go with New England (-150)?

The Patriots have a solution for every problem, it seems. When they took on a Baltimore Ravens team in the playoffs a few years ago, they countered an ironclad Ravens defense with a series of offensive line maneuvers that confused the Ravens and led to some big plays. When they took on a Pittsburgh Steelers team in the AFC Championship that had gained new life from the darting runs of Le’Veon Bell, they brought in a strategy to keep holes from opening for him in the line of scrimmage. Rob Gronkowski goes down? Here’s Martellus Bennett. LeGarrette Blount is struggling in the backfield? Bring in Dion Lewis. This is a team that has experience in these championship rounds — something that Atlanta still lacks.

Super Bowl 51 Moneyline Pick: Atlanta Falcons

I just think that Atlanta has too much on the offensive side of the ball for New England to be able to contain all of their opportunities. Sure, the Falcons could make some mistakes early and give the Patriots the momentum, but if you look at their savvy in the NFC Championship, you see a team that is focused and well-coached. While Matt Ryan is new to the Super Bowl, he’s a seasoned veteran in the NFL. I like the Falcons (+135) here.