Super Bowl 50 Betting: Pittsburgh to Win the Championship

Posted by Aaron . on January 9, 2016 in

Ten years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers entered the AFC playoffs as a wild card team, and they emerged as the champions of Super Bowl XL. Two years later, the New York Giants came in as the #6 seed and ended up beating the 18-0 New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII. So when the Pittsburgh Steelers entered the AFC playoffs with the #6 seed this year, many viewed them as a Super Bowl contender with good betting odds. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should bet on them to win the whole thing.

They Get to the Other Team’s Quarterback

This year, the Steelers averaged three sacks a game, tallying 48 for the season. It’s true that their secondary has given up some big plays, but such players as James Harrison, Stephon Tuitt, Lawrence Timmons and Cameron Heyward have been chasing opposing quarterbacks around all season. So as the Steelers pursue their seventh Super Bowl title, they have to amp up the pressure each week. Young front-seven members like Bud Dupree and Jarvis Jones are going to have to elevate their game and make quarterbacks pay.

The Steelers Know How to Win Championships

No team has more titles than the six that the Pittsburgh Steelers own. Two of those have come under the tutelage of current head coach Mike Tomlin, with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at the helm. Roethlisberger has appeared in three title games and is no stranger to the additional pressure that comes with it. The Steelers’ front office has made a practice of drafting the right players to foster their culture as winners who go about the game the right way. That goes a long way when the chips are down in the postseason.

No team has more titles than the six that the Pittsburgh Steelers own.
The Steelers are the only team to have won six titles.

Antonio Brown

Many experts tout Brown as the very best wide receiver in the National Football League. In 2015, he hauled in 136 receptions, but it is his versatility that makes him especially dangerous. He can make those body-crunching catches that are part of being a possession receiver, but he can also blow by that cornerback with the quickest speed receivers. He shows up in bubble screens, in the flat, in the slot and on the outside. He knows that the postseason is where legacies are built, so he will be ready to torch the Bengals and whoever he faces next.

Big Ben

Few quarterbacks have ever combined sheer arm strength, mobility and clutch accuracy the way that Ben Roethlisberger has. He is the rare gunslinger who can extend a play with his feet and find a receiver down the field — and then zip a ball through a tiny window to get to him. The best example came in Super Bowl XLIII, when he got a pass to Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone to knock off the Arizona Cardinals. The window for that pass was microscopic — but he got it there. Those are the throws that he makes.