The Patriots (+200) currently have the most favorable odds to get to the Super Bowl.

AFC Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 8, 2016

The AFC appears to be as wide open as it has ever been for any of the teams to reach the Super Bowl 50 betting odds. The #1 seed (Denver) isn’t even the top favorite to get to the title game, and it’s almost as likely that the #6 seed (Pittsburgh) will make it all the way to the championship game. When the regular season came to an end, the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots all had identical records of 12-4. Because the Broncos had beaten the other two squads, they got the #1 seed, and home field advantage in the postseason along with it. The next tiebreaker gave the Patriots that #2 seed, which means that they also get a bye and get to play at home unless they face Denver.

NFL Betting: New England

The Patriots (+200) currently have the most favorable odds to get to the Super Bowl. This would be a record ninth trip to the title game for New England, and it would be the seventh time that Bill Belichick has coached Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Their odds to win the game are +475. They have the same odds to win it all as the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers. Some of this has, no doubt, a lot to do with the Patriots’ resume, but there is so much instability among the other teams that this is not a surprising number.

NFL Betting: Denver

The Broncos (+210) are just behind the Patriots as far as odds to reach Super Bowl 50. The Patriots did lose a lot of steam with the oddsmakers because of their poor play as the season has drawn to a close, dropping four of six. However, Denver went 5-4 after opening 7-0, and the team still hasn’t announced whether Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler will be their starting quarterback. That’s why their odds to win the Super Bowl are +625.
Denver went 5-4 after opening 7-0.
The Denver Broncos went 5-4 after opening 7-0.

Best of the Rest

After that, the odds get a lot higher for teams. Cincinnati has an even more unstable quarterback situation than Denver, which is why they they have +1000 odds just to get to Super Bowl 50 (and +2500 odds to win it). Andy Dalton was terrific this season, but he fractured his thumb in Week 14 and may not be able to play in the wild card games. Indeed, they have a lot tougher odds than their wild card opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have +450 odds to get to the Super Bowl and +900 odds to win it all. The Kansas City Chiefs have ridden a 10-game winning streak to get to the playoffs, and they have +650 odds to get to the Super Bowl and +1400 odds to win a title. Houston is easily the biggest longshot, at +2800 to reach the Super Bowl and +6600 to win the Lombardi Trophy. The Chiefs have lost eight straight playoff games, and the Texans are relying on Brian Hoyer, who even when he isn’t coming off the concussion protocol has shown a penchant to give up picks at just the wrong time, to lead their offense.