Why You Can Bet on the Seahawks to Beat the Panthers

Posted by Aaron . on January 16, 2016 in

The Seattle Seahawks were an easy field goal away from watching this weekend’s divisional playoff games on television. Instead, they knocked off the Minnesota Vikings and head to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte this Sunday to take on the Carolina Panthers. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should bet on Seattle to win this game too and advance to the NFC Championship.

Watch the game online here.

The Seattle Defense Is Still Terrific

Yes, Kam Chancellor has missed a few games this year (to a holdout and then to an injury) but the Seahawk defense ended the year in full swing. They have only permitted one offensive touchdown to their last six opponents when playing on the road. NFL leading rusher Adrian Peterson averaged less than two yards per carry in the wild card game. Defensive end Michael Bennett will be chasing Cam Newton all over the field — and the Seattle defense should have all 11 projected starters on the field this week. It would be unwise to underestimate the team that permitted the fewest points in the NFL for the fourth year in a row.

Seattle Dominated Most of the Week 6 Matchup Against Carolina

Russell Wilson has had his best season yet thus far.
Russell Wilson’s performance has been nothing short of fantastic this season.

Much has been made of the comeback that Cam Newton led against Seattle in their first matchup, but Seattle was up 23-14 with under 12 minutes to go in regulation. The Panthers did earn their comeback win, but the Seahawks showed that they can compete with the team that finished the regular season 15-1. The Seahawks didn’t look that good in the wild card game, but it’s hard to look good when you’re playing in temperatures near zero degrees. It’s not like the Vikings looked all that good, either.

Russell Wilson Is Just As Good As Cam Newton

Cam Newton is getting the MVP talk, but Wilson’s best season has been this one. He was #1 in the NFL in passer rating, and from Week 11 on, he only threw one pick — and threw 24 touchdown passes. Don’t let the loss to the Rams in Week 16 distract you from the dominance that the Seahawks have shown, especially since they turned around and roasted the Cardinals in Week 17. If you look at their fourth quarters, the Seahawks have been ahead at some point in those frames in 16 of the 17 games they have played this season. As long as Wilson is in the game, the Seahawks have a chance to win.