NFL Betting Odds: Broncos to Win Super Bowl 50

Posted by Aaron . on January 7, 2016 in

Yes, the Broncos have a bye into the divisional round of the playoffs and will host at least one home game. However, you might be a little worried by the fact that neither Brock Osweiler nor Peyton Manning appears ready to lead the offense up and down the field at an playoff caliber. The truth is that the AFC is just about anybody’s to take this year. Here are some reasons why the Broncos are a good bet to go all the way and claim the 50th NFL betting championship.

Those Linebackers Are Good Like No Other; A Great NFL Betting Element

Von Miller, Shane Ray and DeMarcus Ware are three of the best linebackers in the entire league, and the fact that they are all on the same team means that the Broncos have the best linebacking corps of any team remaining in the playoffs on either side. That’s three linebackers heading for the quarterback each play — or sliding back into pass coverage. All of these players are quick enough to cover the other team’s tight end — particularly if T.J. Ward can slide down and help too. Shane Ray has played fairly well in his return — and if the Broncos’ opposition is in 3rd and long, you can expect to see these three heading in with a sack (or a strip-sack) in mind.

Wade Phillips Isn’t the Head Coach — He’s the Defensive Coordinator

When Wade Phillips has been a head coach, things haven’t gone well. Not well at all. However, he has shown that he can build ferocious defenses. His scheme this year has worked to have his best players on the field at all time. Remember — he’s the one who helped to create the monster that is J.J. Watt in Houston. Bill Kollar, the defensive line coach, has helped the Broncos build a stalwart defense against the run.

Wade Phillips has shown that he can build ferocious defenses.
Wade Phillips has shown that he can build ferocious defenses.

The Offense is OK. Really.

One of the biggest changes that the Broncos made when Peyton Manning went down was to restore an attack where the quarterback is under center instead of in a Pistol or Shotgun formation all the time. This brings some more legitimacy to the power running game, because the tailback can line up closer to the line of scrimmage. It also means that the quarterback can release the ball out of more three-step drops, giving the other team’s defensive line less time to penetrate and build a pass rush. Gary Kubiak’s scheme has worked well when both Manning and Osweiler have been on the field, and Osweiler’s ability to limit turnovers has helped the Broncos win down the stretch. So this isn’t like the old days, when Peyton Manning was putting up Cyberball-type numbers, but that team got destroyed in the Super Bowl two years ago by Seattle — remember? This team is built to have a more balanced attack — which is why it’s OK that neither Osweiler nor Manning is dominant right now.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? These are three reasons why you should take the Broncos to work their way to a title in Super Bowl 50.