Why Bet Seahawks to Win Super Bowl 50!

Posted by Aaron . on January 12, 2016 in

The current favorites to win Super Bowl 50 are the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals, currently sitting at 9/2. However, the Seahawks are not far behind, sitting at 6/1 odds. Should you take them seriously as you bet on a team to win Super Bowl 50? Let’s take a look.

Watch the Seattle-Carolina game online here.

Betting on the Seahawks

First of all, don’t be frightened by the fact that the Seahawks were a chip-shot field goal away from being sent home in the wild card round. Games that are played in below-zero temperatures are not contests that you should use as serious measuring sticks for teams, because too many things can go wrong. That field goal itself is an example: normally, the holder would spin the ball away from the kicker so that the laces would face away, but the Vikings’ holder did not, and there is the idea that seeing the laces makes the kicker worry that he won’t make ideal contact. Another difference is that kicking the ball itself is like trying to kick a rock rather than an inflated ball, thanks to the cold’s effect on the air pressure.

Then there are decisions that coaches make. The Seahawks had a 4th-and-13 from the Vikings’ 30 in the first half. Normally, that’s a field goal, but the Seahawks went for it (and turned the ball over on downs) because they were worried about the elements’ effect on their team’s ability to make a field goal.

Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seahawks.
Wilson was instrumental in Seattle’s victory against the Vikings.

So while it seemed to take a pair of fluke plays (that snap that sailed by Russell Wilson before he hurled a bomb to a wide open receiver to set up the touchdown or the fumble by Adrian Peterson) to give the Seahawks the victory, it’s also important to realize that the Seahawks’ defense never let the Vikings into the end zone. That kept the game close enough for those fluke plays to become the difference.

Closing Thoughts

That’s the same defense that held the Cardinals to six measly points in Week 17. You could argue that the Cardinals weren’t into the game — the outcome didn’t influence their playoff seeding, and it sounded like the Cards were going to take Carson Palmer out at halftime no matter what — but that was a dominant performance. So the Seahawks are likely somewhere between the team that received a huge gift from the Vikings and the team that torched the Cardinals. However, if the Panthers are still having a hard time finding their focus, as they did down the stretch, the Seahawks could easily take advantage. If they can win that and head down to Arizona and remember some of the secrets that brought them the rout, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to see them in the Super Bowl, knocking the Patriots or Broncos all over the field.