Why Bet on the Seattle Seahawks to Beat the Carolina Panthers

Posted by Aaron . on January 14, 2016 in

A lot of people are looking down on the Seattle Seahawks after their close shave against the Minnesota Vikings in the wild card game. However, if you overlook them in this matchup in Carolina this weekend, you could end up regretting it when you get the bill from your bookie. Let’s take a look at several advantages the Seahawks have as they head to Charlotte to take on the Panthers this Sunday at 1:05pm Eastern time on FOX, from Bank of America Stadium. Check out our NFL betting lines by clicking here.

You can catch the game online here.

Seattle Should Have Won the First Time

Remember the old Continental Basketball Association? One of the minor leagues in American basketball, the standings gave you ½ point if you won a quarter, and 2 points for winning the whole game. So if you won three quarters but lost the game, you still got 1 ½ points in the standings, while the other team got 2 ½. The NFL doesn’t award points this way, but if they had, Seattle would have come away much better in their Week 6 matchup. The Seahawks simply outplayed Carolina for three quarters, and with 11:46 remaining in the game, they were up 23-14. however, Cam Newton started to lead the team on a touchdown drive then, and the Seahawks would surrender three 80+ yard drives in the fourth period that game. This means that Seattle can play on the same level as the Panthers but need to finish more consistently. Since Week 6, Seattle has improved immensely, averaging 31.25 points per game after Week 8. Were the Seahawks discombobulated in Minnesota last week? Sure, but it won’t be below zero in Carolina this week.

Watch Out For the Legion of Boom

The Seahawks are #1 in the NFL in points permitted for the fourth consecutive year.
The Legion of Boom is not to be trifled with!

Seattle's defense has put on a hell of a show.

The Seahawks have permitted exactly one touchdown in their last six road games. They held Adrian Peterson to 45 yards on 23 attempts in the wild card game. Michael Bennett was a cyclone at defensive tackle, disrupting the running game and pass protection. Despite the fact that the Seattle defense has been missing starters all year long due to various injuries, they are slated to have all 11 starters on the field this week. This should help them finish the game on defense, rather than folding in the fourth quarter once again. The Seahawks are #1 in the NFL in points permitted for the fourth consecutive year, and that defense will be on display this week as well.

Don’t Forget Russell Wilson

A lot of Wilson’s biggest games have been slogs like this last one. Against the Vikings, he went just 13 for 26 for 142 yards, with a touchdown and a pick. However, 2015 was his best season in the NFL so far. He led the league in passer rating, and in the last seven games of the regular season, he threw 24 touchdown passes — and just one pick. When Seattle and Carolina met in Week 6, Wilson went 18 for 30 for 241 yards in a score. Having Wilson on the field means that the Seahawks always have a chance to come out ahead.