Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl 53 Betting Preview

Posted by Aaron . on January 21, 2019 in

The Patriots are there again! This will be their fifth appearance in the big game in six years. Now you know the reason why most veteran players want to play for New England before their careers are over. This is why players will take a pay cut to play with Brady. This is why Brady is the greatest of all time. His consistency from year to year is incredible and even more impressive is the team’s ability to win with rosters that are too old, too slow, too boring, etc.

They just win and boy do they win at a high level. When it counts, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are nearly unstoppable. Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead are a triple threat at the running back position and Gronkowski is a mismatch still no matter where you line him up on the field. The Patriots and Rams are a pick’em as the initial betting line for the Super Bowl 53.

Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl 53 Betting Preview

Clutch in New England

I don’t know if there is a better possession receiver in clutch situations than Julian Edelman. The guy just knows how to get separation when it counts. They may not be as talented, but they have the formula for this thing. Shame on me and shame on everyone else who doubted, bet against them or disrespected them because they are the real deal.

With extra time to prepare, Bill Belichick will have his defensive unit looking like a top 10 squad as well. He is one of the best preparers in the game and I know he will have his whole team ready to compete.

You just simply do not reach the Super Bowl five out of six years if you cannot motivate your players to breed success and competitiveness. The New England Patriots have rarely wowed fans with flashy statistics, but darn it, they win, and that’s what it’s all about.

Fun in Los Angeles

The Rams have a dynamic, young, offensive-minded coach in Sean McVay. He has groomed his quarterback, Jared Goff, into a very efficient passer who excels at play action and bootleg looks. The offense runs almost exclusively from under center and three wide receiver looks, which makes it tough for the opposition.

Almost all of their plays look very similar to one another before the snap. Until the play develops, the defense has no clue if it is a run or pass, let alone a deep route, screen or draw. They cause so much misdirection and confusion due to their ability to disguise plays within the same formation, similar motion, or by alternating pass protection packages.

The Rams are no favorites for the Super Bowl 53 against the Patriots.

On first down, they may keep the back in to block but release the tight end. On second down, they chip the rushing defensive end with the tight end for a delayed release, and on third down the tight end stays in to block, while the running back leaks out into the flat, all the while all three plays remain exactly the same elsewhere.

The trickery can delay the reads by the defense and has really worked in the Rams’ favor. Up until their game with the Saints, they had the fewest attempted punts in the league, meaning they score on more drives than any other team in the league. Their offense is plain and outright nasty.

Pick and Prediction for Super Bowl 53

This should be a great game. If we had to bet this early, we are taking the experience of the New England Patriots!