NFL Betting: Pittsburgh Steelers Wins Total Prediction

NFL Betting: Pittsburgh Steelers Wins Total Prediction

Written by on July 19, 2021

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a bit of a weird season in 2020. They started out 11-0, the last team in the league to lose a game. And the first team to beat them was actually Washington, who had been doing a whole lot of losing throughout the year. It set the team on a bit of a downward spiral.

And then, they came around and got a little rhythm before the playoffs began. But once they did, the team immediately fell way behind against the Browns. And when that happened, it all spiraled out, and the wacky year was finished.

Let’s take a look at what lies ahead for 2021 so you can plan your bets and place them against their NFL Team Totals odds.

Pittsburgh Steelers Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

Some New Additions

Najee Harris was picked in the first round and is going to be the starting running back right off the bat. He is somebody that should fill a void left by James Conner, who did not play well over the course of last year. All of their backs failed to perform, so he is going to give them a big boost.

At the tight end spot, they were also far from sound. So, they went and selected Pat Freirmuth in round two to take that gig. The problem is that he will be catching passes from Big Ben, who is not doing too well. He is coming back, but he choked away the playoffs last year.

They brought back all of their primary receivers, who will be looking to continue to provide a boost as needed.

The NFC Slate

The NFC North is set to play against the AFC North in 2021, so some tough games will ensue. They will see young Justin Fields. A possible Packers team led by Aaron Rodgers. The Lions with Jared Goff. And, of course, the Vikings, who are a wild card from week to week.

There is also going to be a date with the Seahawks, thanks to the expansive schedule and there being 17 games now. Some clubs will have an easier extra opponent, but this is no cakewalk for Pittsburgh.

A huge key to their season will be winning the NFC games. If they can go 3-2 or 4-1, it will help their playoff chances and what projects to be a very tough AFC.

The Projected Win Total

The victory projection for the Steelers is set at nine for the year. That is where the over/under resides, and if the year featured but 16 games, they would be at 8-8. The team showed a lot of ability in the first 11 games of the last season before succumbing to defeat in 2020.

They have got so many great players on defense, scattered across the board. But as Baker Mayfield led all the TD drives for the Browns, the team was hopeless to stop him. With all of the talent on that side of the ball, it was surprising that the unit let them down so much.

Nine wins is very attainable if Ben plays up to par and if the defense can come to the rescue and continue to play well. Anything can happen with the Steelers.