Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 Props

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In addition to the regular odds and lines, sports books offer a wide variety of Super Bowl 52 Side bets, or “props”. Due the huge interest in betting on almost every aspect of the game, the variety of lines and props you can bet on is overwhelming. The first prop bet in a Super Bowl was offered in Super Bowl XX, when books took action on whether or not William “Refrigerator” Perry, a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears, would score a touchdown in the Bears’ matchup with the New England Patriots (he did). There are a number of different Super Bowl prop bets available for bettors with the 50th addition of the NFL title game, and several of them involve Peyton Manning.

Will Manning win the MVP award of the Super Bowl for the second time? He won the trophy when his Colts knocked off the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI, and quarterbacks have won the MVP title 27 times in the 49 Super Bowls. The oddsmakers have him as the second most favorite candidate (+275), behind Cam Newton.

Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 Props

What about whether Peyton Manning will announce that he is going to retire in the interview after the game?

Yes: +500, 5/1
No: -1000, 1/10

Will we see Peyton Manning in tears at any time during the game’s whole broadcast?

Yes: +600, 6/1
No: -1200, 1/12

If Peyton Manning wins the MVP, what will he mention first?

God: 2/1
Team: 2/1
Fans/City: 6/1
Coach: 15/2
Family: 15/1
None of the above: 9/4

Will Peyton Manning score the first touchdown of the game? (50/1)

(Cam Newton is 7/1 to score the first touchdown — a nod to his superior speed and mobility. Of all of the listed players (those not in the field), Manning has the highest odds.

Will Peyton Manning throw a pick-six in Super Bowl 50?

Yes: +300, 3/1
No: -500,

Peyton Manning’s passing yard total — 235.5 (over/under)

Peyton Manning’s total touchdown passes

Over 1.5: -180, 5/9
Under 1.5: +150, 3/2

Peyton Manning throws for 300+ passing yards: 7/4
Peyton Manning throws for 350+ passing yards: 5/1
Peyton Manning has 30+ completions: 15/2

Will Luke Kuechly get a pick six in the game?

Yes: +600, 6/1
No: -1200, 1/12

Cross sport prop: Will Denver win the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning retire, San Antonio win the NBA title and Tim Duncan retire?

Yes: 20/1

What will be higher — the total goals scored by Arsenal on February 7 or Peyton Manning’s touchdown pass total?

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can bet money on Peyton Manning’s performance — in addition to finding action on the game. Some things to think about include the fact that Manning has been a lot less prolific this year, relying on the running game and the defense to get the team through games. He has been a gamer when the chips are down, but this is not the high-flying Peyton Manning offense that we have been accustomed to seeing.