Peyton Manning won the SB 50 Championship vs Carolina.

Odds On Peyton Manning Retiring In the Off-Season

Written by on February 8, 2016

Before Super Bowl 50 kicked off, you could have gotten by doing a quick search around online sportsbooks 5/1 odds that Peyton Manning would announce his retirement during the interview after the win. Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, and the Broncos have emerged winners, I would say that those odds have slid much closer to even money. It is true that the Los Angeles Rams have already hinted that they might be interested in the free agent, but here are some reasons why I think Manning has taken part in his last NFL season.

What Are The Odds on “The Sheriff” Manning Retiring In the Off Season

“The Last Rodeo”

In some comments leading up to the Super Bowl, it certainly sounded like Manning was thinking about hanging up the storied cleats. In some remarks to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick after the Broncos knocked off the Patriots in the AFC Championship, Manning reportedly said that this season might be his “last rodeo” in the NFL. It certainly sounded from those comments that Manning was heading out.

Battling the odds of injury

Remember — Manning has had his resurgence in Denver after recovering from a tricky neck operation. The fact that he has been able to avoid re injuring that sensitive part of the body, after seeing such peers as Tony Romo knocked out with injuries to that area of the body over and over again, could be seen as a sign of good fortune — luck that Manning may not want to press. Also, plantar fascia tears are an injury that can take months to heal properly, and each step on that foot can be painful. You can talk about Manning’s diminished production this year all you want, but if you can’t step without feeling like an ice pick is driving up into your heel, it’s hard to plant and throw the ball as well as you’d like. given the nagging nature of this type of injury, it makes sense that Manning would not want to aggravate it.

The second ring, and the 200th win

Manning is not the first quarterback to win multiple Super Bowls, but he is the first to do so with multiple teams. He is the first quarterback to win 200 games (regular season and playoffs combined). That is a testament not only to his longevity but also the durability of his ability to play well. Even this season, when he was not as big a part of the offense — and it could be argued that the defense was the dominant factor in the Broncos’ season — Manning was the leader who pulled things together in Week 17, keeping the team from falling from the #1 seed to the #5 seed, leading that game-winning drive in the divisional round against Pittsburgh, and doing just enough in the first half against New England to give that defense what it needed to seal the game. Having his name in history could well be enough to send Manning into retirement content with his legacy.